Klaviyo to Looker Studio

Connect Klaviyo to Looker Studio

Get analysis-ready data from Klaviyo to Looker Studio on a schedule to streamline your reporting & analytics.

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How to connect Klaviyo and Looker Studio

Step 1.

Connect Klaviyo and configure the parameters

Step 2.

Preview, transform & filter data

Step 3.

Setup Looker Studio and configure the parameters

Step 4.

Set a schedule for data refreshes

Connect Klaviyo to Looker Studio using Coupler.io

Enjoy a seamless and efficient solution to integrate Klaviyo and Google Sheets in just a few simple steps with zero technical skills required. Automate your reporting and analytical dataflows using Coupler.io: collect, merge, preview, transform, and filter data from Klaviyo before loading it to Google Sheets. Set your schedule for the automatic data refresh, ranging from a monthly interval to as frequent as every 15 minutes.

Get a one-stop solution to make data-driven decisions and drive the business forward. Use the out-of-the-box expert service to amplify your data analytics and workflow automation. Build bespoke data analytics dashboards to track your business metrics and see the holistic picture of your business.

Connect Klaviyo to Looker Studio
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Get the most of Klaviyo to Looker Studio integration

Gather data icon

Gather data

Export data from numerous apps and sources into a single destination. Blend data from different apps to get a single source of truth.

Understand data icon

Understand data

Preview, transform, sort, and filter data for better clarity in just a few clicks in the Coupler.io interface. Take your data analytics to the next level.

Automate data icon

Automate data

Access data that is always up to date by enabling the automatic data refresh on a schedule as often as every 15 minutes and using triggered automation.

Act on data icon

Act on data

Visualize your data by quickly connecting to data visualization and BI tools. Build insightful dashboards in a breeze and make better decisions.

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