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Let automatically sync information between apps to create live dashboards and reports, transform and manipulate values, collect and back up insights in one place, and more.

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How it works

Export data from an app

Pull information automatically from an app with our data integration software. No engineering skills required.

Import to data platforms

Collect and combine insights from different services, or create a backup version of all your business information in a single place.

Manage, share, analyze

Build custom views and visualizations in Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel or BI tools. Share the results with the team.

Explore these data destinations

Google Sheets

Pull data from apps to Google Sheets and benefit from Sheets’ flexibility. Create numerous auto-updating dashboards and reports, and easily share them with your team.


Google BigQuery

Import information from apps to a BigQuery warehouse and store it in one place. Perform advanced data manipulations, using SQL queries to quickly extract valuable insights.


Microsoft Excel

Fetch data from apps to Excel to perform advanced calculations. Leverage Power BI and Power Query to deliver best-in-class data analysis and visualizations.


Set up any data integration in less than five minutes

  1. Step 1. Select an app to export data from and provide filter criteria, if required.
    2 minutes
  2. Step 2. Specify the destination where to import data to.
    2 minutes
  3. Step 3. Configure a custom schedule for automatic data refreshes.
    20 seconds

Review the result: see how your data automatically flows from one app to another without keeping a constant eye on the process.

Automate data flows across business units

Manage your data icon

Manage operations, customer and sales data in near real-time

Export data from a CRM, e-commerce platform, or any other relational database to Google Sheets, Excel, or BigQuery. Build a sales dashboard, analyze employee productivity, track customer orders and statuses, monitor stock levels, and always have an access to the latest data.

Build custom reports and dashboards icon

Build custom live accounting and finance reports, and dashboards

Fetch data from accounting software to a sheet or a table to reconcile invoices, build budgets and forecasts. Create revenue dashboards by business unit and project. In addition, complete the imported data with information from other applications and data warehouses.

Analyze your data icon

Analyze project results based on data from different sources

Collect data from project and task management systems in a single place. Export issues using filters, basic or advanced search. Blend this data with information from time-tracking or communications platforms to analyze the time allocations and monitor the progress.

Collect and back up your data icon

Collect and back up all your data in a single place with ease

Link apps that you use on a daily basis with a data warehouse to store or back up all your information . Perform complex data manipulations. Use a data warehouse as a single source for visualizations. Run multiple SQL queries to extract a specific dataset, and more.

From our clients

Kenneth Sly

I use to pull data from Airtable to Google Sheets to perform business metrics calculations. On a daily basis, I use dashboards that get automatically updated by I don't have to spend extra hours or do any manual work to access the information I need

Kenneth Sly
Co-founder and COO at Simpleat
Richard McKeon

What I like about is that it gives me a live feed of raw data in a simple and secure format, which I can then use to create live dashboards or keep systems in sync. I've used other importing tools from time to time, and this is the best I've found so far

Richard McKeon
Co-founder of

Unleash multiple reporting opportunities with our data integration tool

Save time and energy

Forget about manual work! Rely on our data integration tool to ensure your information is always 100% up-to-date across all dashboards and reports, and that it gets backed up to a data warehouse automatically.

Visualize data your way

Create powerful dashboards and reports in Google Sheets and Excel, or make use of one of the BI tools, allowing diagrams and tables to tell your story. Combine data from different sources to get a full picture of your business.

Automate reporting

Set up custom schedules for automatic data refreshes on an hourly, daily or monthly basis with just a few clicks. Let our data integrator tool take care of the rest and update your information automatically.

Organize & share insights

Structure your data by bringing it to one place, or creating a backup version of it in a data warehouse. Create separate views and share them with teammates and other stakeholders to help them make data-driven decisions.

Focus on your business goals while we take care of your data