Activate your

daily workflow

Use the power

of calculations

Import your data from various apps to Google Sheets to unleash multiple reporting opportunities!

Use one add-on instead of many

Stop installing new add-ons every time you add a new app. Use to substitute them all!

View data in


Connect several data sources to one spreadsheet and access the data you need to run your daily activities.



Set up custom timings for data refreshes: 1, 3, 6, 12, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.

Achieve 100% data consistency

Synchronize your information by fully replacing strings of data or appending new entries to the linked spreadsheet.

Save time & review progress

Configure your data flow and forget about manual copy-pasting. Our add-on will do the job for you.

Automate data flow and streamline business processes


Enjoy for reliable and secure data import from various apps to Google Sheets.

Set up importers 

with no coding required

Connect Airtable to

Google Sheets

Import your data from Airtable to Google Sheets and benefit from enhanced reporting and visualization opportunities.


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