Airtable Connector

Integrate Airtable data with your data management apps to automate reporting process and maximize efficiency of decision-making. Use Airtable connector to derive insights into your Airtable data loaded to spreadsheets, data warehouses, or BI tools.

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What data you can export from Airtable?

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Use Airtable connector to make your data analysis-ready in your destination app

What is Airtable all about?

Airtable is known as a collaboration platform that embodied the best you can get from a spreadsheet app and a database management system. You can organize your data using a handy visual interface without the need for any technical expertise. Users can create and manage databases even from their smartphones. Airtable also allows you to easily collaborate on data in real time and share the important information with stakeholders.

All this makes Airtable a perfect management tool for different industries. HR experts manage their recruiting process, track applicants, and schedule events in Airtable. Sales reps also reap the benefits of Airtable and use it to monitor sales pipelines, manage customer relationships, and so on. With the Airtable connector, you can go beyond the default reporting functionalities and turn your Airtable data into meaningful reports.

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Why use to collect your Airtable data?

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Multiple destinations

Airtable connector allows you to load data from Airtable to different apps: to spreadsheets for simple reports; to data warehouses for complex queries; to BI tools for creating interactive dashboards.

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Automated data refresh

Make sure the data you load with the Airtable connector is always up-to-date. Turn on the Automatic data refresh and specify the schedule to automate the data flow to the chosen destination.

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Data blending

Blend data from multiple data sources into a single report or table. Airtable connector allows you to combine your Airtable data with records from marketing, finance, accounting, sales, and other applications.

Frequently asked questions
The Airtable connector by is an all-in integration solution for data flow automation. It allows you to load data from Airtable to versatile destinations including spreadsheet apps, data warehouses, and BI tools. The data flow automation is set up with just a few clicks and can be scheduled up to every 15 minutes.
Using the Airtable connector does not mean that you’re only limited to Airtable as a data source. In fact, you can enhance your Airtable integration by adding other data sources to combine data from. As a result, you won’t need to use different connectors to load and blend data from multiple data sources to create a report or to store data."
With the Airtable connector, you can synchronize views from Airtable. An Airtable view is a data configuration that displays fields and records for a particular table. If your Airtable database has many views, you’ll need to create a separate Airtable connector (importer) for each view. At the same time, you can also blend data from multiple Airtable views into a single dataset in your chosen destination.
Airtable views can store different types of data including text strings, numbers, date and time, checkboxes, drop-down lists, and even formulas. The Airtable connector will only load the raw data such as text, numbers, dates, and booleans. If your Airtable view has attachment files like images or documents, you’ll get hyperlinks to these files when the data is loaded to the destination. If you have calculated fields and formulas, only the static values of these calculations will be transferred."

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