Data analytics consulting for your business success

From building a custom dashboard to setting up data analytics in your organization from scratch — our data experts will efficiently solve these tasks for you.

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Data analytics consulting services we offer

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Data visualization

Our data analysis experts turn an endless flow of numbers coming from different data sources into accessible insights. We build advanced comprehensive auto-updating dashboards that display essential business metrics and their correlation for you to easily analyze your project performance and make decisions based on data.

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Business analytics

Whether you start your own business or work on improving your current project performance, our data analytics and consulting team will guide you through the data-driven decision making. We assist with the choice of proper data sources, key metrics, and their management. You will get a set of comprehensive reports for watching the full picture of your business.

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Data infrastructure

From strategy to implementation, we help support your business needs with robust data infrastructure. We recommend and set up the tools for efficient hosting, storing, processing, and managing your data. Be it a database, data warehouse, analytics system, or BI solution — your data will work for you.

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Data automation

Our data experts help improve operational performance by automating repetitive tasks and establishing data flows between numerous apps. With the automated workflows, the variety of data sources used across your organization will turn into an integrated mechanism. This will reduce your manual work and minimize business errors.

What we can help you with

Customer analysis

Gather valuable insights on customer demographics and behavior to understand their needs, track patterns, improve your product, and balance marketing efforts.

Sales dashboard

Merge data from CRM, financial, logistics, and other systems into a set of comprehensive dashboards to analyze current performance and build precise forecasts.

Finances tracking

Set up a robust automated solution to calculate income and expenses, monitor financial goals, build forecasts, and bring your financial performance management to a new level.

Recruiting pipeline

Build data pipeline for data flowing between different HR systems and tools ensuring the smooth journey through the recruiting funnel to save costs, and minimize time-to-hire.

Look at how simple performance tracking can be

Product revenue report

The product revenue analysis is a classic report type for a SaaS subscription-based product. We have implemented it as a set of live dashboards created in Microsoft Power BI with a direct Excel integration under the hood.

Such implementation allows for gathering data from payment systems and product databases, calculating required metrics, and updating them in near-to-real-time. Dashboards built in Microsoft Power BI are highly customizable and can be easily shared with your stakeholders.

The product revenue dashboard provides information on paid customers and is essential for monitoring the state and potential of your product.The key metrics include the detailed MRR overview with data on upgrades, reactivation, and churn along with the cash flow breakdown by company, country, and type of subscription.

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Retail sales analytics

We created a set of interactive visualization dashboards in Google Data Studio demonstrating the detailed picture of sales for a wholesale office supplier.

Google Data Studio dashboard allows visualize data aggregated from several sources and can also be automatically updated. Our example includes the most popular and crucial metrics presented on three separate pages to provide the necessary detailization while keeping the readability.

The report contains a sales overview to analyze company sales by category, time period, and region as well as sales performance for each category of goods splitted by regions.

It also provides cohort analysis to track customer retention rate and LTV changes for understanding patterns in customer behavior and predicting future sales. Such types of dashboards can be expanded with any type of available data to report on metrics that are specific to any particular case.

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When do you need data analytics consultancy?

Decisions based on data rather than gut feeling result in making precise forecasts, focusing on actions that bring the most value, and lead to predictable company growth. Whether you are building a SaaS product or ecommerce project, running a marketing agency or a financial service, proper data management is essential for scaling your business.

First of all, you need modern cost-efficient data analytics infrastructure that supports seamless cooperation between various systems and tools used across your organization. Efficient and automated tracking and interpretation of operational, sales, marketing, and financial metrics saves time and resources on project planning. Ability to receive fresh data coming from different sources in a readable format accessible to different teams will break down data silos and ensure transparent business processes and results.

With the deep expertise in building and integrating various types of digital products and services, such as SaaS or fintech, we understand the pain points of data management. We have implemented dozens of data solutions that helped, Mailtrap, Railsware, ParentSquare, and others to evolve and succeed.

You ask, we answer

You just need to fill in the short contact form and describe your project and your needs in brief. We will set up a free call to learn more about your business goals and discuss how we can help you reach them. As the next steps, we will define project scope and implementation details.

We offer customized data analytics consulting service tailored to the needs of every customer and every specific project. Our expertise includes data management, from defining data strategy and setting up the infrastructure to data automation connecting various tools used across the organization into the integrated data system. We can also help you with defining business analytics metrics and setting up proper tracking and reporting. Describe us your project and tasks and we will together elaborate the most efficient solution for your business.

The price depends on the project scope, duration, and required resources. Please contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case and find the cost-efficient data analytics consulting solution.