Explore list of supported data destinations

Load your data to spreadsheets, workbooks, or tables automatically on a schedule.

Explore these data destinations

Google Sheets

Pull data from apps to Google Sheets and benefit from Sheets’ flexibility. Create numerous auto-updating dashboards and reports, and easily share them with your team.


Google BigQuery

Import information from apps to a BigQuery warehouse and store it in one place. Perform advanced data manipulations, using SQL queries to quickly extract valuable insights.


Microsoft Excel

Fetch data from apps to Excel to perform advanced calculations. Leverage Power BI and Power Query to deliver best-in-class data analysis and visualizations.


How it works?

  1. Step 1. Set up a data source.
    Select an app and the data you want to export.
  2. Step 2. Configure a data destination.
    Select a spreadsheet, workbook, or table where to load your data.
  3. Step 3. Set up a schedule.
    Automate data refresh at the desired frequency like every day, every hour, or another option.

Explore list of supported data sources

Automate data flows from your applications to a spreadsheet, workbook, or table.

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