Analyze. Share. Get the most from your data.

Load your data to warehouses, spreadsheets, or workbooks automatically on a schedule. Visualize your data to accelerate decision-making in your organization.

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Export data from your apps to popular destinations

Google Sheets icon

Google Sheets

Direct integration

Pull data from apps to Google Sheets and benefit from Sheets’ flexibility. Create auto-updating dashboards and reports, and easily share them with your team.

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Google BigQuery icon

Google BigQuery

Direct integration

Import information from apps to a BigQuery warehouse and store it in one place. Perform advanced data manipulations, using SQL queries to quickly extract valuable insights.

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Microsoft Excel icon

Microsoft Excel

Direct integration

Fetch data from apps to Excel to analyze metrics and perform advanced calculations. Use & Excel integration to deliver best-in-class data analysis.

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Looker Studio icon

Looker Studio

Direct integration

Gather data from various apps and pull it to Looker Studio. Create insightful reports and share them with your stakeholders.

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Microsoft Power BI icon

Microsoft Power BI

Direct integration

Once your data is processed by and extracted to Excel, leveraging Power BI for your data visualization is a breeze. Make the most of data in your organization with Power BI dashboards.

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Tableau icon


Tableau easily connects to Excel and Google sheets. So once you fetch your data from your apps to any of these destinations using, you can build advanced dashboards in no time.

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Take the hassle out of data analysis and reporting

Manage and analyze your data like a pro - all in one place! Build custom reports, and access fresh & reliable data to help you make better decisions to drive business growth.

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Easily export and combine data from the apps you use

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Organize your data to focus on what matters most

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Get analysis-ready data to build insightful dashboards

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Automate and refresh your data on a schedule

Explore supported data sources

Automate data flows from your applications to a spreadsheet, workbook, or table.

Can’t find your data source?

Let’s discuss your custom integration needs!

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Check out the dashboards gallery

Google Ads dashboard image
Google Ads dashboard

Get a detailed overview of the performance of your Google ads advertising campaigns to achieve your marketing goals better.

Data sources used:
googleadv.svg icon
Facebook Ads dashboard image
Facebook Ads dashboard

Effectively manage and optimize your Facebook advertising campaigns, reaching your target audience in a data-driven way.

Data sources used:
facebook.svg icon
Web Analytics dashboard image
Web Analytics dashboard

Use the insights based on the data from GA4 to monitor your website traffic and discover which pages resonate most with your audience.

Data sources used:
google-analytics-4.svg icon
CRM dashboard for HubSpot image
CRM dashboard for HubSpot

Get a complete understanding of your HubSpot sales and dive deeper into open and closed deals. Track the team performance, see how sales shape up over time, and analyze what drives your results.

Data sources used:
hubspot.svg icon
Revenue dashboard for QuickBooks image
Revenue dashboard for QuickBooks

Get an overview of your revenue based on the data from QuickBooks and unlock in-depth insights to drive informed business decisions.

Data sources used:
quickbooks.svg icon
Shopify dashboard image
Shopify dashboard

Access the performance of your Shopify ecommerce store and uncover critical insights into how to manage your orders effectively and increase revenue.

Data sources used:
shopify.svg icon
LinkedIn Ads dashboard image
LinkedIn Ads dashboard

Get a data-based perspective to make decisions for optimizing your LinkedIn Ads advertising campaigns and improving their performance.

Data sources used:
linkedin.svg icon
Sales KPI dashboard for HubSpot image
Sales KPI dashboard for HubSpot

Get an overview of the HubSpot sales metrics and KPIs to see how many deals are won or lost, how much revenue you generate, and derive other insights into pipeline health.

Data sources used:
hubspot.svg icon
Sales KPI dashboard for Pipedrive image
Sales KPI dashboard for Pipedrive

Analyze the critical sales metrics and key performance indicators from Pipedrive, including deal details, revenue, and pipeline health, to make strategic decisions.

Data sources used:
pipedrive.svg icon
YouTube dashboard image
YouTube dashboard

Get insights into how viewers discover and interact with your videos, track content performance, key metrics, and define your YouTube strategy.

Data sources used:
youtube.svg icon
CRM dashboard for Pipedrive image
CRM dashboard for Pipedrive

Analyze the key metrics of your sales department, drill down into particular deals, find the top performers, and stay on top of your Pipedrive sales.

Data sources used:
pipedrive.svg icon
CRM dashboard for Salesforce image
CRM dashboard for Salesforce

Monitor your Salesforce sales efforts with an overview of your opportunities, accounts, and campaigns. Track the key metrics, check how the team performs, and understand what drives your revenues.

Data sources used:
salesforce.svg icon
Salesforce dashboard image
Salesforce dashboard

Get a comprehensive overview of your revenue, monitor the status of your deals, and derive other insights with the help of a Salesforce sales dashboard.

Data sources used:
salesforce.svg icon
Calendly event dashboard image
Calendly event dashboard

Analyze events booked in Calendly to identify the most popular time slots and optimize your scheduling process. Align your calendar with demand to increase the performance of your team and processes.

Data sources used:
calendly.svg icon

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