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What is Google Sheets integration?

Google Sheets integration derives from an online spreadsheet’s capability to link to other apps via API. integrates Google Sheets out of the box, allowing to auto-import data from the chosen software into a worksheet. With no developer skills required, will synchronize your in-app information with Google Sheets, pouring fresh results into a working document according to a schedule.

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How can I use Google Sheets integration for my business?

Google Sheets integration is a perfect fit for all – be it a small startup or medium-to-large organization representing eCommerce, IT, Transportation, Education, Finance, or any other industry.

  • Monitor core business metrics
  • Create custom reports
  • Perform enhanced calculations
  • Explore new ways to present data
  • Bring team collaboration to a new level
  • Establish further workflows with data visualization tools
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How imports data from applications to Google Sheets

  1. Select an app to export information from
    Select an app illustration
  2. Connect your data source account
    Connect your data source illustration
  3. Apply the necessary parameters
    Source parameters screenshot
  4. Connect your data destination account
    Destination account illustration
  5. Identify a sheet in a Google document to import it to
    Google sheets illustration
  6. Customize the schedule for the data import to run
    Scheduling illustration

Popular ways to use Google Sheets integration

  1. Enhance business metrics monitoring

    Pull data from your software to build automatically updating dashboards.

  2. Blend data from various apps in a single spreadsheet

    Connect several apps to join data from different sources into a single document.

  3. Visualize insights using data representation tools

    Import your records to set up further integrations with Tableau, Zoho Analytics, Google Data Studio, and more.

  4. Keep a reserve version of apps’ data in Google Sheets

    Link an app to create a backup version of your system’s historical data in a spreadsheet.

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