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Export stories, tasks, projects, and more automatically, on a set schedule, with no coding required.

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Why run an Asana export to Google Sheets

Build your own dashboard to analyze the team's performance

Create a fully-customizable, auto-updating dashboard demonstrating every aspect of your Asana account - projects, portfolios, tasks, tags, and more. Enable Asana - Google Sheets sync and consolidate your data into meaningful insights. Calculate the employees’ workload and measure productivity across the company. Use the Asana to Google Sheets integration to better track overdue tasks and quickly figure out which areas need reinforcement.

Create reports and share them with stakeholders

Extract information from Asana to Google Sheets on one specific project or an entire portfolio. Effortlessly build a report with fresh data and use it as a reference point during the project review sessions. Export a report in the desired format and share it with stakeholders, without the need to invite them to your Asana workspace. Automate even that - use Google Apps Script functionality to distribute the relevant data to your stakeholders at a chosen frequency.

Enhance your project reporting with data from other apps

Bring data from Asana to Google Sheets and combine it with the imports from other apps. Collect the time tracking details from Clockify or Harvest and precisely calculate the project costs. Add to the mix the financial data from QuickBooks or sales and marketing information from HubSpot and build a customizable, self-updating product dashboard. Plug the data into DataViz tools, such as Tableau or Data Studio, for advanced visualization and reporting.

What data can you get with this Asana to Google Sheets integration

01. Stories

Use the Asana to Google Sheets integration to import all stories into a spreadsheet. Create a feed of activities and keep track of what’s going on in your projects. Filter stories by types and subtypes, projects, due dates, and more.

Keep track of project execution by browsing through the story updates and aggregating them by type, due date, and more. Visualize the dependencies.

02. Tasks

Import all or only the relevant tasks from Asana to Google Sheets. Filter them by type, completion status, project name, assignee status, and more. Pick up the milestones and monitor them on a separate dashboard.

03. Portfolios

Run an Asana export to Google Sheets to collect all the existing portfolios or only those created after a particular date. Check the members and owners of each. Keep track of due dates and portfolio items.

04. Projects

Connect Asana and Google Sheets to synchronize the list of projects into a spreadsheet. Check each project's due date, status, visibility, and members. Quickly access the notes and jump into the relevant project with a direct link.

05. Other data entities

Fetch a lot more with an Asana export to Google Sheets. Collect the list of tags and jump right to the relevant page in Asana to check the usage stats. Fetch the list of teams, sections, users, and workspaces in your account. Work with the fresh data by auto-updating them at a chosen interval.

How to integrate Asana in Google Sheets

  1. Step 1. Select Asana as a source app and Google Sheets as a destination
    10 seconds
  2. Step 2. Connect your Asana account
    30 seconds
  3. Step 3. Choose the data entity for your import
    30 seconds
  4. Step 4. Set up the data destination in Google Sheets
    1 minute
  5. Step 5. Decide on the schedule for data refreshes and run the importer
    25 seconds

Why use to connect Asana to Google Sheets

Managing projects and portfolios, you always want to stay on top of your data. Asana offers the ability to build and customize dashboards, but many find them limiting. Often, they opt to connect Asana to Google Sheets instead and track the projects’ execution in a spreadsheet or a connected tool.

Integrating Asana and Google Sheets with only takes a few minutes to set up. Then, will continue refreshing your data at a chosen frequency. All of this, with no coding required and a very straightforward setup.

Whether you build a dashboard in Google Sheets, connect specific data to an existing file or plug the entire spreadsheet into other tools, will do the job for you. Sign up for the free plan now and see the difference that automated imports can make in your workflows.

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