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Easily export and blend data from your business apps to data warehouses, spreadsheets, or data visualization tools in just a few clicks. Choose from pre-built integrations or request a custom solution.

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How does the integration work?

  1. Step 1. Connect a data source.
    Choose your app and select the data you want to export. Merge data from multiple apps or accounts.
  2. Step 2. Configure a data destination.
    Pick an app or database where you want to transfer your data.
  3. Step 3. Schedule data refresh.
    Automatically update your data as frequently as needed, up to 15 minutes.
  4. Step 4. Visualize,analyze, and share data.
    Connect your destination to any data visualization tool, create automatically updated dashboards, and easily share your insights.
You ask, we answer

Core sources can be easily accessed and used with any plan in the Coupler.io web app and Google Sheets add-on. Premium sources, however, require personalized configuration by our data specialists and are only available on the Squad, Business, and Enterprise plans for an added fee. You can also configure some premium sources with a JSON importer using our setup guidelines. For more information on accessing a desired data source, please .

You can request a premium integration by sending a message to contact@coupler.io or by using this link. When making the request, please specify the sources you want to export data from and include additional details about your needs. This will help us provide you with a solution that best fits your requirements. Our team will respond to your request within two business days with the integration cost and information on the next steps to set up the integration.

If you can't locate your desired data source in the core or premium integrations, don't worry. Our data specialists can help retrieve data from almost any source through a custom integration. We offer custom integration as a service. for a custom integration to get all the details.
We also often add popular sources to available integrations.

The cost of integrating a premium or custom source is based on the source API requirements and the desired format of the data output. Premium integrations start at $300 per source. Business and Enterprise plans include one free premium source integration. .

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