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Export data from your apps to popular destinations

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Google Sheets

Direct integration

Pull data from apps to Google Sheets and benefit from Sheets’ flexibility. Create auto-updating dashboards and reports, and easily share them with your team.

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Google BigQuery icon

Google BigQuery

Direct integration

Import information from apps to a BigQuery warehouse and store it in one place. Perform advanced data manipulations, using SQL queries to quickly extract valuable insights.

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Microsoft Excel icon

Microsoft Excel

Direct integration

Fetch data from apps to Excel to analyze metrics and perform advanced calculations. Use Coupler.io & Excel integration to deliver best-in-class data analysis.

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Looker Studio icon

Looker Studio

Direct integration

Gather data from various apps and pull it to Looker Studio. Create insightful reports and share them with your stakeholders.

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Microsoft Power BI icon

Microsoft Power BI

Direct integration

Once your data is processed by Coupler.io and extracted to Excel, leveraging Power BI for your data visualization is a breeze. Make the most of data in your organization with Power BI dashboards.

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Tableau icon


Tableau easily connects to Excel and Google sheets. So once you fetch your data from your apps to any of these destinations using Coupler.io, you can build advanced dashboards in no time.

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You ask, we answer

Core sources can be easily accessed and used with any subscription plan. Early access sources, on the other hand, require configuration by our data specialists and are built upon request within approximately 14 days (depending on complexity). Additionally, you have the option to configure certain Early access sources on your own using our setup guidelines and a JSON importer.

To request early access integration, please fill out the request form on the specific Early access integration page. When making the request, kindly specify the source from which you want to export data and provide additional details about your needs. Our representative will contact you to clarify all the details, including the standard settings for the integration and the estimated timeframe. Additionally, we highly recommend creating your Coupler.io account and setting up at least one importer before requesting integration. This will help you become familiar with the platform. Rest assured, your free trial will be extended until your Early access integration is built and tested.

If you can't find your desired data source in the core or early access integrations, no need to worry. Our data specialists can assist in retrieving data from nearly any source by creating a custom integration. Custom integration is available as a paid service. Please to receive all the necessary details. Furthermore, we frequently add popular sources to our list of available integrations.

We offer complimentary configuration of Early access integrations with standard settings for new users who are considering a Starter plan or higher. However, if you require customization beyond the standard settings, there will be an additional fee for the custom integration. Please keep in mind that each organization is limited to one free Early access integration request.

Keep your data safe

Coupler.io safeguards your shared information and data transfers from breaches, leaks, and unauthorized disclosures.

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