Be sure that data in all places is always 100% up-to-date

Create multiple integrations and automate reporting within minutes. Enjoy the long-lasting results for years.

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Meet your easy-to-use data integration tool


Automate integration workflows

Set up schedules to import data. Specify the day of the week and time of day when you want them to run. Rely on to update all your dashboards and reports automatically.

Depending on a use case, we recommend setting the refresh interval to “hourly”, “daily”, or “monthly”.
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Base decisions on fresh data only

Build real-time activity monitors. Review your business’s health and growth. Feel confident and reduce risks when utilizing the information for decision making.

Learn how to create an automatically updating Sales Tracker built on CRM data without a single line of code.
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Back up your app’s data

Create integrations using the append import mode. Collect historical information by instructing to pull the updated data and append it to the end of your working sheet or table.

Create a reserve version of data from Google Sheets, Airtable, HubSpot, QuickBooks, and more.
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Connect even more apps that support JSON API

Double the number of currently available in integrations by leveraging the power of JSON API, without spending time to write code.

Review this guide to see how using Typeform’s API can help you connect it to Google Sheets.
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Analyze data creatively

Create custom reports, dashboards, and charts based on information from a single or several data sources. Experiment with different types of visualizations for better results.

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Discover more perks while utilizing for your project

Reduce the volume of manual work

Stop copying and pasting data manually. Let do the job. Rely on it to refresh information in all linked apps according to the previously set schedules.

Collaborate with stakeholders

Import information to one of the data destinations. Work in a team and build eye-catching data visualizations. Share ready charts and dashboards with all parties involved.

Secure automation with

We don’t store your app’s data. acts as an intermediary at the moment when it transfers information from one app to another.

Manage users and integrations

Invite colleagues to join your account without extra charge. Manage users, connected accounts, and integrations from the web version of our product.

Set up multiple integrations to count on every day

Looking to export data from Shopify, Clockify, Jira, or any other app? Not a problem. Use to link a data source to Google Sheets, Excel, or BigQuery to automate workflows and enhance data management across all your projects!

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Focus on your business goals while we take care of your data

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