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Why integrate Google Analytics 4 to Google Sheets

Build auto-updating dashboards and reports

Integrate GA4 with Google Sheets to import analytics into a spreadsheet automatically. Pick the dimensions and metrics you need, make any adjustments, and have the fresh data fetched for you on a schedule you choose. Build dashboards in Google Sheets for a project, team, or an entire company. Make it easy for everyone to access the data and manipulate it to their needs or restrict the access if you wish. Use this GA4 Google Sheets integration to automatically populate reports, with zero effort on your side.

Blend data from different apps

Get a complete picture of your business by bringing data from different business apps into spreadsheets. Integrate GA4 with Google Sheets and complement it with imports from other apps you use - advertising platforms (Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn ads), CRMs (Salesforce, Pipedrive), accounting tools (QuickBooks, Xero), and many more. Dig deeper into your campaigns, calculate the key metrics, and evaluate the leads. Build a complete product funnel and monitor its stages from within a spreadsheet.

Visualize and share your analytics

Turn your analytical data into meaningful visualizations in the tool of your choice. Import the data automatically with this GA4 to Google Sheets integration. Clean it at will, eliminate outliers, and transform data to fit your needs. Build summary tables, draw charts, compose pivot tables, and share the ready dashboards with your colleagues. Alternatively, use native integrations with Looker or Data Studio, or plug the data instead into the likes of Tableau or PowerBI for more advanced visualizations.

What data can you get with GA4 Google Sheets integration

01. Ad campaign stats

Track the performance of your advertising campaigns from the comfort of a spreadsheet. Use this GA4 to Google Sheets integration to automatically pull the list of finished and ongoing ad campaigns with the corresponding stats: views, conversions, purchases, expenses, and more. Calculate ROI, analyze your top performers, and make improvements on the go.

02. Website traffic

Fetch a daily, weekly, or monthly report on your website traffic and make it available to your teammates. Integrate GA4 with Google Sheets and collect data on traffic sources, events, sessions, landing pages, and more. Build an eCommerce funnel in your spreadsheet and monitor how different conversions shape up over time.

03. Content analytics

Monitor the performance of your content. Set up a GA4 to Google Sheets integration to get individual stats for each piece of content you’ve produced. Track what attracts the most views and which channel drives the best traffic. Monitor the goal completions, optimize the content and prioritize your resources in a data-driven way.

04. And a lot more

Collect many other details from Google Analytics 4 to Google Sheets. Fetch the audience demographics, page referrers, event completion stats, conversions, new vs returning user comparisons, revenues, and more.

How to integrate GA4 with Google Sheets

  1. Step 1. Pick Google Analytics 4 as the source for your data and connect your account
    30 seconds
  2. Step 2. Select up to nine dimensions and up to ten metrics for your report
    1 minute
  3. Step 3. Choose where to import the data in Google Sheets
    1 minute
  4. Step 4. Set up a schedule for data imports
    30 seconds
  5. Step 5. Save the settings and launch an importer
    5 seconds

Why use for this GA4 to Google Sheets integration

Spreadsheet tools like Google Sheets make it easy to transform the data, calculate metrics, compare different periods of time, and perform virtually any operation on your analytical data. No wonder then that so many analysts choose to export Google Analytics 4 to Google Sheets on a regular basis. eliminates all the manual work from connecting both apps by providing a no-code platform that handles the job for you. Set up as many importers as you need and they’ll run according to the schedule that works best for you - monthly, daily, hourly, or even every 15 minutes. All of this, with no coding required and a 5-minutes setup on your part.

Forget about manual exports. Set up automated importers and always work with fresh data. Sign up for the free plan right now, no credit card is required.

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