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Get analysis-ready data from Jira to Google Sheets on a schedule to streamline your reporting & analytics.

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Why export Jira to Google Sheets

Build analytical dashboards

Create charts and graphs based on the imported data. You can visualize the JQL search issue results on your Jira dashboard in Google Sheets using the built-in functions and features. In addition you can ensure that your dashboard is up to date with the scheduled refresh of the issues exported from Jira.

Make and share reports

Automatically pull Jira filters to Google Sheets to boost your reporting. Load the issues filtered according to your requirements based on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule to keep your reports up to date. Share the live reports created in Google Sheets with the stakeholders to ensure they have access to the latest information.

Integrate with the data from other sources

Optimize your analytics using the data loaded from multiple sources into one spreadsheet. Get Jira data to Google Sheets and combine it with records exported from time tracking apps, accounting tools, and other sources. Track the performance of your Jira projects to extract actionable insights crucial for efficient decision making.

What data you can load with the Jira Google Sheets integration

01. Issues by Project

Pull the Jira issues filtered by projects. You can select one, several or all projects for your advanced filter and load these issues to your spreadsheet.

02. Issues by Type

Filter issues by type, such as Input Item, Bug, Task, etc. You can choose one or several types to filter and export this Jira data to Google Sheets.

03. Issues by Status

Pull status from Jira into Google Sheets according to the options you apply for your issues, for example, Backlog, In Progress, Closed and so on.

04. Issues by Assignee

Load the issues associated with a particular user or users. You can also import issues filtered by groups of users from Jira to your spreadsheet.

05. Issues by Priority

Receive the information about the issues with MUST, SHOULD, and other priority options that you apply for your projects.

06. Issues filtered by other criteria

Use the Jira Google Sheets integration to load issues filtered by multiple criteria, such as Category, Contexts, Due Date, and many more. You can apply different criteria for your filtering and export the most exact queries according to your needs.

How to connect Jira to Google Sheets

  1. Step 1. Select Jira as a source application and connect the Atlassian account
    30 seconds
  2. Step 2. Enter a JQL query of your filter or an ID of the filter saved in Jira
    5 seconds
  3. Step 3. Select the export format and specify columns to export from Jira if needed
    15 seconds
  4. Step 4. Select Google Sheets as a destination app and connect your Google account
    30 seconds
  5. Step 5. Select a spreadsheet and a sheet where to import Jira issues
    15 seconds
  6. Step 6. Set up a schedule for data imports and run the integration to import Jira into Google Sheets
    20 seconds

Why use to set up a Jira integration with Google Sheets accelerates and automates data export from Jira with a few clicks. No coding skills are required to get your issues to your spreadsheet. A JQL query is the only code line you’ll need to copy from Jira and enter into the Jira Google Sheets integration for the successful import.

With, you will get your filtered issues to your spreadsheet within a couple of minutes. You can also automate the Jira integration with Google Sheets to load your issues on a custom schedule like every day or every week. For particular needs, the data refresh frequency can be reduced to every 30 or 15 minutes to keep your dashboards or reports up to date.

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