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Automate the export of messages, as well as user and channel data from Slack to Google Sheets and get your information refreshed on a schedule.

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Why set a Slack integration with Google Sheets

Export data gathered by your Slack workflows

If you use Slack workflows to power your business, they can collect massive amounts of valuable data. This can be continuous customer feedback, product feedback, details on support requests, or information on your projects. Google Sheets is a great place to keep all this data in order. In a spreadsheet, you can easily analyze your data, perform advanced calculations or other manipulations. can automatically export information from your Slack workflows and keep updating it in Google Sheets according to your schedule.

Filter out information on specific topics or projects

Daily communication in your organization can be full of important insights or project details that can be helpful in the future. Glean these valuable ideas or domain knowledge and share it across your marketing, product, and sales teams. When setting your export preferences in, you can apply multiple filters to extract only the data you need. You can filter by date, channel, keywords, and more. This allows you to extract information on any topic or task and keep it updated in your spreadsheet.

Collect or archive Slack messages for further analysis

You can import your Slack messages to Google Sheets and easily maintain an archive of all your projects, a database with employee feedback, and so on. Transfer your messages from specific channels or selected users so that you can revisit them later. This can be useful both at the company level and for smaller teams. will help you update your archives automatically, with no manual effort from your side. Just set the schedule for Automatic data refresh and gain access to your latest data from Slack in Google Sheets.

Send Slack messages to Google Sheets, export your user and channel data

01. Channel data

Easily analyze user activity in Slack, monitor the number of members and the purpose of each channel. See what new discussions have been created and which ones have been archived. will regularly update your Google Sheets document, fetching refreshed information on the selected channels according to your schedule and filter parameters. This is a great way to keep track of things, monitor user involvement, customer requests, progress on your projects, and more. By applying various filters, you can tailor your Slack - Google Sheets importer to your team’s unique needs.

02. Messages

Transfer your messages from Slack to Google Sheets automatically with This will help you analyze your data or just quickly find all the information related to a specific topic and keep it organized in one place. You can apply search filters and export messages from a particular user or time range. You can even search for the data you need by using keywords, filtering messages by channel, thread, or even emoji reaction. This will help you extract the most valuable insights and make sure nothing important gets lost.

03. User data

Collect and regularly update information about your employees, customers, or any other users who communicate in your Slack channels or DMs. With the integration offered by, you can export any information users provide in their personal profiles. This includes names, email addresses, mobile phone numbers, as well as job titles, users’ time zones, and profile pictures. If someone changes their phone number or job title, this will be reflected in your Google Sheets file after the next scheduled update. So, connecting Slack and Google Sheets allows you to effortlessly maintain a database with information that is always up to date.

How to set a Slack - Excel integration with

  1. Step 1. Sign up and press Add new in My importers
    30 seconds
  2. Step 2. Select Slack as your data source
    1 second
  3. Step 3. Connect your Slack account
    20 seconds
  4. Step 4. Pick a data entity to export from Slack (Messages, Channels, or Users)
    10 seconds
  5. Step 5. Specify the data destination in Google Sheets
    1 minute
  6. Step 6. Set the schedule for updates and hit Run
    25 seconds

Why use to connect Slack to Google Sheets

With, a Slack and Google Sheets integration can be set in less than 5 minutes. This tool is designed with business users in mind, so it features an intuitive interface. You don't need any coding skills to create a Slack - Google Sheets integration or schedule automatic data refresh. Sign up for a 14-day trial to check out how you can automate exports of data from Slack to Google Sheets. This will let you understand your project’s requirements to choose the most suitable subscription plan.

More than 700,000 people all over the world use for exporting data from Pipedrive, Jira, Airtable, and other sources to Google Sheets, Excel, and BigQuery. Try it for integrating Slack and Google Sheets and unlock the benefits of automation for your team.

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