Facebook Ads to Google Sheets integration

Automate extracting Facebook Ads data to Google Sheets for easy data processing, visualizing, merging with other sources, and sharing results with your team.

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Why connect Facebook Ads to Google Sheets

Get regular detailed campaign reports

Set a schedule to automatically export Facebook Ads data to Google Sheets. Apply custom data filters for better analytics, view performance in pivot tables, and sync sheets with dashboards in Data Studio for better data visualization. Use Google Sheets to find and share insights on Facebook ad campaign performance. Your teammates will appreciate the ease of data accessibility.

Analyze ads performance the way you want

Set up Facebook Ads connection to Google Sheets to eliminate issues with adding multiple campaigns to a report, poor filtering and sorting, visibility problems (as only a few columns fit the screen size), and more. Compare ad groups’ performance, set custom metrics, and combine data from multiple Facebook accounts. Google Sheets provide sufficient analytic tools for the most demanding analysts.

Enjoy clear and insightful presentations

Export Facebook Ads reporting to Google Sheets to achieve a clear and concise data presentation. Quickly display peak and minimum values, highlight important values with color, leave explanations for graphs or flesh out a general approach — all this is possible in Google Sheets. This type of data representation is important to both digital marketers and executives. It helps make data-driven decisions and validate budgets.

Facebook Ads data to Google Sheets: what to export

01. Insights

Extract Facebook Ads data to Google Sheets for all of your ad accounts and campaigns. Merge ad campaign data from multiple Facebook accounts into a single Google sheet. Group data by account, campaign, single ad, or an ad set. Apply custom filters with Facebook API requests and split data by period.

02. Ad accounts

Aggregate available campaign performance data for all of your Facebook ad accounts in Google Sheets. Easily sort reports by the time and account to which they belong. You can work with multiple ad accounts at once and merge data in a single Google Sheet. Filter data by target parameters e.g., location, age, cost, etc.

03. Campaigns, Ad sets and Ads

Integrate Facebook Ads with Google Sheets to create custom views and performance analytics for single or multiple ads and campaigns. Fetch all data available for your campaigns and ads created at any time in the accounts you indicate. Select several ad accounts at once and target any particular parameter such as location, age, cost, and so on.

How to export Facebook Ads data to Google Sheets

  1. Step 1. Select Facebook Ads as the source from the dropdown list and connect your account
    30 seconds
  2. Step 2. Select a data entity and specify additional settings
    2 minutes
  3. Step 3. Set up the data destination by indicating your Google account, spreadsheet, and the sheet you intend to send data to
    1 minute
  4. Step 4. Set up a schedule by turning Automatic Data Refresh on and configuring the schedule
    30 seconds
  5. Step 5. Save the settings and run the importer
    5 seconds

Why use Coupler.io to import Facebook Ads data to Google Sheets

Marketers know how critical it is for a business to correctly measure the performance of ad campaigns. Using standard Facebook tools, the in-line performance analytics are pretty straightforward. But things can change if you need to analyze custom metrics over an extended period. Facebook is simply not intended for a more detailed analysis that includes customizing filters and analyzing the performance of multiple campaigns from multiple accounts.

That is where Coupler.io steps in. Its Facebook Ads to Google Sheets integration allows you to automate the process of extracting data from Ads on a custom schedule. You can merge data on multiple campaigns and ads in a single sheet, applying all the powerful tools Google provides. These include pivot tables, graph visualization, formulas, and team sharing capabilities.

Coupler.io’s integration does not require any coding or special skills to set up and use. Anyone can start building custom reports and track campaign performance in minutes.

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