Facebook Ads to BigQuery

Facebook Ads to BigQuery integration

Automate the process of transferring Facebook Ads to BigQuery for easy, powerful, and flexible performance analysis and merging results with multiple other business data sets.

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Why export Facebook Ads data to BigQuery

Collect and backup your data in BigQuery

Use the power of the data warehouse to store and compile Facebook Ads data. Complement your primary business intelligence stream with more data sources minus the performance issues. You can build a centralized hub for collecting all your marketing and business data in one place and run analytic algorithms to get a complete overview of business performance.

Enjoy unparalleled data analytics

Access the most potent BigQuery data analytics tools, including SQL queries and machine learning algorithms. Work with large amounts of data and connect with analytics in other business domains for a comprehensive view of their business growth. Uncover unique insights and correlations by looking at the big picture and implementing advanced algorithms.

Leverage data display and notifications

Enable notifications for custom triggers by transferring Facebook Ads data to BigQuery. Easily set up data refresh schedules and critical status updates. Never miss a thing with customized data reports automatically sent out to the proper team members via the preferred communication channels. Display data on business dashboards and share them in the most convenient way.

Load Facebook Ads data to BigQuery: what to export

01. Insights

Pull Facebook Ads data to BigQuery for all of your ad accounts and campaigns. Merge ad campaign data from numerous Facebook accounts into a BigQuery database. Group exported data by account, campaign, single ad, or an ad set. Apply custom filters with Facebook API requests and split data by period.

02. Ad accounts

Collect ad campaign performance data for all of your Facebook accounts in the BigQuery database. Quickly sort reports by the time and account to which they belong. You can operate numerous ad accounts and combine data in BigQuery. Filter the data by custom parameters e.g., location, age, cost, etc.

03. Campaigns, Ad sets, and Ads

Integrate Facebook Ads with BigQuery to create custom analytic dashboards for single or multiple ads and campaigns. Bring all the data for your campaigns and ads together into any accounts you indicate. Select several accounts at once and target any custom metric, including clicks, cost, etc.

How to send data from Facebook Ads to BigQuery

  1. Step 1. Select Facebook Ads as the source from the dropdown list and connect your account.
    10 seconds
  2. Step 2. Select a data entity and specify additional settings.
    30 seconds
  3. Step 3. Set up your BigQuery data’s destination by uploading the BigQuery key file.
    2 minutes
  4. Step 4. Specify the Dataset and Table names where to import your Facebook Ads data to.
    30 seconds
  5. Step 5. Set up a schedule for a data refresh cycle by activating Automatic Data Refresh.
    30 seconds
  6. Step 6. Save your settings and run the importer.
    5 seconds

Why use Coupler.io to connect Facebook Ads to BigQuery

Coupler.io provides the easiest way to integrate Facebook Ads data with your BigQuery database. You can connect both services in minutes and automate the process of updating your BigQuery database with Facebook Ads data on a custom schedule.

You don’t have to code or possess special skills in order to set up the integration. This makes it easy for marketers and data analysts to adjust their data sets and set up custom analytics.

Automatically uploading data on a schedule will save you time and headache. Once you've set up the integration, you no longer have to worry about getting the most up-to-date data on the performance of your Facebook ad campaigns. Since most BigQuery dashboards are updated on a specific schedule, you can synchronize the uploading of data on advertising campaigns along with refreshing other data sources.

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