Facebook Ads to Excel integration

Automate the process of pulling Facebook Ads data to Excel for easy data management, merging with other data sets, and creating visualizations for presentations and reports.

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Why export Facebook Ads data to Excel?

Benefit from advanced calculations in Excel

Employ a full range of mathematical options for data structuring, calculation, and analysis in Excel. Сombine formulas with conditional formatting to identify any significant data tendencies, insights, and connections. Create and reuse powerful Excel formulas to ensure easy analysis and comparisons of extensive amounts of data for Facebook Ads campaigns and their performance. Use Excel templates to structure your data and its presentation.

Integrate Facebook Ads data with other sources

Aggregate data from different sources in Excel to get a comprehensive view of all marketing tracks and their performance, not just Facebook Ads. Analyze interdependencies within other customer acquisition channels, gain valuable insights, and share them with others. Use Excel’s direct integration with a variety of business solutions and import data with Coupler.io to connect information coming from CRM, accounting, and other systems.

Enjoy clear and insightful presentations

Create a transparent display of data for all your ads and ad campaigns with the help of the Facebook and Excel integration powered by Coupler.io. Easily demonstrate extreme values, emphasize critical correlations, comment on graphs, and outline any key insights and methods applied — all this is possible in Excel sheets. Connect the most popular BI tools to Excel as a source to build custom dashboards and easily visualize and share your results.

Facebook Ads analysis in Excel: what to export

01. Insights

Seamlessly export Facebook Ads to Excel and enable their performance analysis. This applies to multiple Facebook accounts and ad campaigns. Quickly merge data into an Excel sheet and group data by account, campaign, single ad, or ad set. Apply custom filters based on a date or any other metric.

02. Ad accounts

Merge ads performance data and account information in a single Excel spreadsheet. Group data by account and time of campaign creation and apply any other custom filter, including location, campaign, age, costs, clicks, and so on. Excel ensures easy navigation and data management.

03. Campaigns, Ad sets, and Ads

Automatically export Facebook Ads campaigns to Excel with Coupler.io. Create pivot tables and set custom views for performance and other metrics. This includes aggregating data for single or multiple campaigns and all their ads. Build charts for any given metric, including age, price, and so on.

How to connect Facebook Ads reports to Excel

  1. Step 1 Choose Facebook Ads as the source from the menu and connect to your Facebook account.
    30 seconds
  2. Step 2. Select a data entity and apply any extra settings.
    2 minutes
  3. Step 3. Configure the data destination by choosing the Excel file and spreadsheet for which you plan to send data.
    1 minutes
  4. Step 4. Turn Automatic Data Refresh on and set up the schedule you want to follow for data extraction.
    20 seconds
  5. Step 5. Save your settings and run the importer.
    5 seconds

Why use Coupler.io to integrate Facebook Ads data with Excel

Marketers in SMB companies monitor the status of dozens of advertising campaigns launched on Facebook on a daily basis. While Facebook provides basic ad metrics analytics, its tools are not enough if you want to go beyond basic performance monitoring.

For a more detailed and powerful analysis, you need a tool, which is traditionally Excel, that features formulas and pivot tables. The advantages of Coupler.io integration lie in combining the indicators of multiple advertising campaigns and single ads in a spreadsheet, aggregated from several Facebook accounts at once.

The Coupler.io integration helps you export Facebook Ads data to Excel with no additional hassle. Setup only takes several minutes and the integration will give you all the benefits of Excel for analyzing the performance of Facebook ad campaigns. You get a powerful data analysis and visualization tool that updates automatically based on a custom schedule.

All this dramatically expands the powers of marketers and data analysts, contributing to the adoption of data-driven decisions.

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