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Automate exports of data about your ads and campaigns from LinkedIn Ads to Google Sheets every day or at other custom frequencies.

Why you need to send your LinkedIn Ads data to Google Sheets

Create easily shareable reports

Import Linkedin Ads data to Google Sheets to share it with your colleagues or other stakeholders with ease. Shape the imported records in the form of reports and decide who can get access to your data. Use all the Google Sheets features to make your LinkedIn Ads reports easy to comprehend and visually appealing. Schedule exports of LinkedIn Ads to Google Sheets at your desired frequency to make your reports self-updating without any manual routine in your workflow.

Track and analyze ads performance

Have your finger on the pulse of your ads performance by implementing advanced analytics in spreadsheets. Connect LinkedIn Ads to Google Sheets to build interactive dashboards that will automatically refresh whenever you want. Insert charts, diagrams, or visualize your data in other ways to derive actionable insights and make your decisions based on them.

Accumulate data from different tools in one place

Use Google Sheets as an analytical repository for the data consolidated from different sources and apps. Compare the efficiency of your campaigns run on different platforms, including Google Ads, Facebooks Ads, and LinkedIn Ads. Join LinkedIn Ads and Google Sheets data in one place where you can process, visualize, and share it in the most convenient way. Blend your ads analytics with the records taken from accounting or CRM tools to access them at any time.

What data you can pull from LinkedIn Ads to Google Sheets

01. Ad accounts and users

Connect LinkedIn Ads to Google Sheets to load information about all your ad accounts and the users of these. The LinkedIn Ads to Google Sheets integration by allows you to retrieve the creation history of your accounts, as well as their budgets, user roles, and other valuable data.

02. Ad analytics

Import LinkedIn Ads data to Google Sheets to streamline your analytics. Get information about clicks, impressions, likes, shares, conversion value, and many other ad metrics. Choose how you want to group your ad analytics data: by campaign or creative. Use the information you can retrieve with the LinkedIn Ads to Google Sheets integration to fine-tune your ad campaigns.

03. Campaigns

Connect LinkedIn Ads to Google Sheets to schedule exports of a detailed overview of your ad campaigns for a specified period. allows you to pull information about status, daily budget, schedule, targeting criteria, and other characteristics of your campaigns in LinkedIn Ads.

04. Other ads data

Automate exports of other data from LinkedIn Ads to Google Sheets, including the overview of ad creatives and video ads. Collect all the ad analytical insights in Google Sheets where you can properly analyze and forecast the performance of your current and future campaigns.

How to import LinkedIn Ads data to Google Sheets

  1. Step 1. Sign up for with your Google account
    10 seconds
  2. Step 2. Choose LinkedIn Ads as a source app and Google Sheets as a destination app
    10 seconds
  3. Step 3. Connect your LinkedIn Ads account and choose what ads data you want to export
    30 seconds
  4. Step 4. Connect your Google account and select a spreadsheet and a sheet where to load the data from LinkedIn Ads
    30 seconds
  5. Step 5. Enable the automatic data refresh and customize the desired frequency for it
    15 seconds

Why use to connect LinkedIn Ads to Google Sheets allows you to connect LinkedIn Ads to Google Sheets in less than two minutes and without any tech skills required. You can choose from different data entities to export, automate dataflow on a custom schedule, vary the data import modes, and benefit from numerous other valuable features. Enjoy the no-code way to collect analytics about your campaigns without downloading CSV files or layman’s copying and pasting.

You can use to simply import LinkedIn Ads data to Google Sheets to share it with stakeholders. However, the LinkedIn Ads integration can also be a perfect tool to automate your dashboard, report, or workflow. Discover other sources and destinations supported by to optimize your data manipulation experience.

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