Connect MySQL to Google Sheets in minutes

Take a quick code-free route to export MySQL to Google Sheets on a schedule that fits your needs.

Why export MySQL to Google Sheets

Make your data accessible to non-SQL users

Remove the SQL knowledge requirement and the need to install third-party software for those wanting to use your data or simply read it. Import MySQL to Google Sheets in just a few clicks and present your data in the familiar spreadsheet format or go even further and turn it into a dashboard or a report. Make your Google Sheets spreadsheet shareable and collaborate on automatically refreshed data necessary to make the right business decisions with your team.

Create reports and visualize your data

Export MySQL to Google Sheets and use the data to generate reports or charts and graphs. Synchronize MySQL and Google Sheets automatically on a schedule you set and have your reports, graphs and charts reflect the updates in your MySQL database without having to go fetch the latest data yourself. Save time and avoid any coding by using a data integration tool to pull data for reporting, visualization, and getting a better understanding of it.

Share MySQL data without providing access to your server

Combine the data exported from Tableau views with the records taken from CRM apps, time-tracking tools, and other sources. Collect your versatile information in Google Sheets where you can make further analytics for improved decision-making for your project. Export Tableau to Google Sheets every day, every hour, or at another frequency along with the records from other software without writing a single code line to do this.

What data can you import from MySQL to Google Sheets

01. A table

Export a MySQL table with all its rows and columns after you connect MySQL to Google Sheets. Set a schedule for the exported data to be automatically refreshed, be it every day, every hour, or another frequency. Keep the automation enabled to have your MySQL and Google Sheets data synchronized. Use the fresh table data and transform it or manipulate it, analyze it, and share it with your teammates, stakeholders, or other relevant people.

02. A view

Get data from a view created by a MySQL statement whenever you want without writing a line of code. Leave behind the time-consuming process of exporting view data in .csv or .xls format and importing it manually into Google Sheets. Never worry about the recency of the data with scheduled data refreshing.

How to sync MySQL to Google Sheets

  1. Step 1. Select MySQL as a data source and Google Sheets as a data destination
    10 seconds
  2. Step 2. Establish a connection to your MySQL server
    1 minute
  3. Step 3. Enter the database and table/view you want to export from
    30 seconds
  4. Step 4. Connect your Google account and specify the spreadsheet and sheet for importing the data
    20 seconds
  5. Step 5. Enable the automatic data refreshing feature and set a schedule for it
    15 seconds

Why use to connect MySQL to Google Sheets is the way to go if you want to connect MySQL to Google Sheets and export data with no code, no effort, and in no time. What's more, is capable of taking repetitive work off your hands by doing the data exports automatically according to your custom schedule.

Need fresh data daily, weekly, hourly, or even every 15 minutes? No problem? will fetch it without requiring any action from you after you complete the initial 5-minute setup.

With making the most out of your MySQL data becomes a breeze and doesn't require SQL knowledge or various software often necessary when trying to connect MySQL to Google Sheets and export data the manual way. Think of it as a revolutionized way of syncing information between apps.

Switch to today and start creating self-updating reports and dashboards that you can share with your team to make better data-driven decisions.

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Looking to import data from  ShopifyClockifyJira,  or any other app? Not a problem. Use to link a data source to Google Sheets to automate workflows and leverage the power of spreadsheets across all your projects!

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