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Automate Dropbox to Google Sheets Integration

Integrate Dropbox with Google Sheets to automate exports of data from CSV and Excel files to spreadsheets at a custom frequency and with zero coding.

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Why connect Dropbox to Google Sheets

Collect data on a schedule

Load data from your files stored on Dropbox every day, every hour, or at any other frequency you want. Automate the data import to Google Sheets on a schedule without any coding or the use of twisted configuration. Set up Dropbox and Google Sheets integration with a few clicks in less than two minutes and get your data right into your spreadsheet. Select the import mode for getting records from your Dropbox file to either replace all the imported data or append the current records to the recently imported ones.

Create self-updating reports and dashboards

Build custom reports in Google Sheets and synchronize them with the data stored on Dropbox. You can also visualize your data and performance insights in other apps, such as Data Studio or Tableau, using Google Sheets as an intermediary source of data. Calculate metrics, monitor, and visualize your KPIs, and use other available features to tailor actionable dashboards. Link Dropbox to Google Sheets to avoid manually updating your reports. Configure the schedule you need to automate data refresh in Google Sheets and make your reports and dashboards self-updating.

Share and collaborate on your data

Enjoy the features available in Google Sheets to share and collaborate on your spreadsheets with stakeholders. Connect Dropbox to Google Sheets so you can have a shareable copy of your data. Blend data from multiple Excel or CSV files into one master view to collaborate with your colleagues, partners, or third parties.

What data you can export from Dropbox to Google Sheets

01. Raw data in CSV format

Comma-separated values (CSV) is a widespread file format for storing different types of information, and you can easily load these files with Dropbox and Google Sheets integration. Select the CSV file you need to export and a Google Sheets file to import data to. Automate the data refresh on a schedule to keep your exported records up-to-date.

02. Reports and records in XLSX format

Synchronize your Excel files stored on Dropbox with Google Sheets files on Google Drive. You can export an entire worksheet or specify a range for export. For the workbooks that contain multiple sheets with the same structure, you can import those merged into one master view. Schedule the automatic data export from Dropbox to Google Sheets to facilitate your reporting.

How to link Dropbox to Google Sheets

  1. Step 1. Select Dropbox as a source application and connect your Dropbox account
    25 seconds
  2. Step 2. Select a CSV or XLSX file from your Dropbox folder. If you’re exporting an Excel file, you also need to select the sheet to load data from. Optionally, you can specify a range for export.
    10 seconds
  3. Step 3. Select Google Sheets as a destination application and connect your Google account
    25 seconds
  4. Step 4. Select a file from your Google Drive and a sheet to load data to
    10 seconds
  5. Step 5. Customize the schedule for automatic data refresh and run the integration to export data
    15 seconds

Why use Coupler.io to automate Dropbox and Google Sheets integration

Automate your data flow without any complex configurations or code-based solutions. Coupler.io allows you to connect Dropbox to Google Sheets only using a few clicks and less than two minutes of your time. Select a CSV or Excel file to integrate with your Google Sheets spreadsheet and set up a frequency for data refresh. For advanced purposes, you can schedule data export every 15 minutes to have the latest data available.

With Coupler.io, you can automate your reporting task and eliminate any other manual routine related to data transfer. Link Dropbox to Google Sheets to create a backup copy of your information, share it with stakeholders, or build self-updating dashboards. Whichever purpose you are aiming at, the automatic data refresh on schedule will let you optimize your workflow and increase productivity.

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