Automate Google Sheets to Google Sheets integration

Import your data from one Google sheet or spreadsheet to another on a set schedule, with no coding required.

Why connect Google Sheets to Google Sheets

Improve the performance of your spreadsheets

Replace Google Sheets IMPORTRANGE function with our Google Sheets to Google Sheets integration to speed up the performance of your spreadsheet and improve connectivity between documents.

Consolidate several sheets in a single master view

Link Google Sheets to Google Sheets to combine data from multiple sheets or spreadsheets with the same heading structure into a single master worksheet. Set up automatic data refresh to ensure the information in your master view only displays the latest insights.

Share your dashboards and reports with stakeholders

Connect Google Sheets to Google Sheets to share a certain part of your information with colleagues, clients, and other stakeholders without granting them access to the entire spreadsheet. Use this data to build automatically updating dashboards and reports.

What data to transfer from Google Sheets to Google Sheets

01. The entire contents of a Google sheet

Establish Google Sheets to Google Sheets integration and configure to dynamically pull the contents of one Google sheet to another.

02. A specific dataset of a Google sheet

Reference only a certain data range from one sheet to another to populate the destination worksheet with extra information.

03. Join multiple sheets into a single one

Set up integrations for multiple sheets to consolidate the information and create a combined master view of them all.

How to link Google Sheets to Google Sheets

  1. Step 1. Select Google Sheets as a data source and connect its account
    30 seconds
  2. Step 2. Specify a spreadsheet and sheet(s) to import data from
    30 seconds
  3. Step 3. Select Google Sheets as a data destination and connect its account
    30 seconds
  4. Step 4. Specify the spreadsheet and sheet to import data to
    15 seconds
  5. Step 5. Set a schedule for data refreshing
    20 seconds
  6. Step 6. Save and run the importer
    5 seconds

Why use to set up Google Sheets to Google Sheets integrations

Using Google Sheets to Google Sheets integration is a real life-saver for all spreadsheet users who suffer from its frequent slowdowns in performance. There is no secret behind it. Unlike IMPORTRANGE, which works by triggering calculations first and then pulling values to another sheet or spreadsheet, takes static data and imports it to a destination. That is why importing information with takes much less time.

By successfully automating data flows within Google Sheets, removes the burden of manual work, as well as frees up your space and time to let you focus on what matters the most to your organization.

In addition, connecting sheets with doesn’t require any particular skills or knowledge. Anyone at your company can do it. However, if any questions arise, our team of data experts is always here to support you.

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Set up multiple integrations to count on every day

Looking to import data from  ShopifyClockifyJira,  or any other app? Not a problem. Use to link a data source to Google Sheets to automate workflows and leverage the power of spreadsheets across all your projects!

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