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Import accounting data and reports from QuickBooks to Google Sheets on a set schedule, with no coding required.

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Why connect QuickBooks to Google Sheets

Automate reporting in Google Sheets

Link QuickBooks to Google Sheets to enable fresh data flow at any point in time. Build an automatically updating dashboard to monitor overdue invoices. Import information to build a forecast that is based only on the latest information. Save time and effort by automating your invoice reconciliation process in Google Sheets, and more!

Share accounting and reports data with stakeholders

Share your QuickBooks Profit and Loss report with stakeholders for budget collaboration! Simplify numerous workflows by letting your teammates and clients review important for them data, leave comments, add extra information, and generate new dashboards and reports without providing these users with access to all your accounting information.

Combine QuickBooks data with insights from other apps

Pull your QuickBooks accounting or reports data to Google Sheets and blend it with information from HubSpot, Airtable, Shopify, Clockify, and other systems. Create powerful dashboards that will bring extra visibility and benefit the whole team. As a result, get the most comprehensive overview of your business that you can rely on in just a few clicks.

What data to pull from QuickBooks to Google Sheets

01. Raw accounting data

Export QuickBooks accounting data, including Transactions, Customers, Invoices, Payments, Employees, and other information to create informative reports. Use macro to specify the running period to pull your financial information for. Visualize this information by linking it to Google Data Studio and other BI tools. Share the outcomes with your team and find ways to improve your reporting!

02. Financial reports

Export QuickBooks reports, including Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow, Profit and Loss, Aging Receivables, and more to get the necessary insights and customize your reporting according to your company’s needs. Export QuickBooks Cash Flow report to Google Sheets to build an auto-updating Cash Flow forecast, and more!

How to export QuickBooks data to Google Sheets

  1. Step 1. Select QuickBooks as a data source
    30 seconds
  2. Step 2. Pick a data entity to export from QuickBooks
    10 seconds
  3. Step 3. Specify filter criteria
    2 minutes
  4. Step 4. Select the data destination in Google Sheets
    1 minute
  5. Step 5. Set a schedule for data refreshes
    20 seconds
  6. Step 6. Save and run the importer
    5 seconds

Why use to sync QuickBooks to Google Sheets

As a finance and accounting professional or a business owner who manages finances for your company, you are likely to perform lots of routine tasks. can help you automate reporting by allowing you to set up QuickBooks to Google Sheets integration in the blink of an eye. From now on, you can pull data to Google Sheets and customize the layout of your reports there, or connect this information to Google Data Studio, Tableau, or any other visualization tool.

Concentrate on your duties while does the rest. Rely on it to ensure that all your financials, as well as graphs and charts, get updated automatically, on a schedule.

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