Automate HubSpot to Google Sheets integration

Import Deals, Contacts, Companies, Products, Line Items, and Tickets data to Google Sheets on a set schedule, with no coding required.

Why connect HubSpot to Google Sheets

Automate HubSpot reporting at your company

Populate Google Sheets with different types of HubSpot data (Deals, Contacts, Companies, etc.) to customize your reporting. Set up automatic data refresh, specifying the days and times that you want your CRM data to be updated in the spreadsheet. Ensure you always have a snapshot of the latest HubSpot information available in your working document or dashboard.

Monitor sales results in near to real time

Import HubSpot data to Google Sheets including custom fields to prepare information for further visualization. Use Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, Tableau, and other tools to build an automatically updating dashboard to review your sales performance and look for insights to optimize conversions. Share your custom dashboards and reports with all team members. Make them easy to read by everyone.

Improve sales team performance with ease

Establish HubSpot to Google Sheets integration without writing a single line of code. Export HubSpot Deals and other data required to analyze your sales employees’ productivity. Break down the information by the Deal Owner to see how they perform on a daily and weekly basis. Create an overview report to monitor your sales team's effectiveness and use the data to enhance established processes where required.

What data to pull from HubSpot to Google Sheets

01. Deals

Export Deals to build custom HubSpot reports in Google Sheets. Share this data with stakeholders to keep them up to date with your company’s progress, show the open vs closed deals, their total value, and more.

02. Contacts

Set up HubSpot integration with Google Sheets to import Contacts and create a dynamic list in a spreadsheet. Link the document with a marketing automation tool to commence an email onboarding process, or keep clients informed about updates.

03. Products

Pull Products information from HubSpot to Google Sheets to create a comprehensive list of all items currently available for sale. Blend your Products data with open Deals to see what items are expected to be paid for and shipped soon.

04. Tickets

Export HubSpot Tickets data to Google Sheets and create a customer service dashboard. Analyze how many tickets were registered and closed in the past period. Review what average response and reaction times were, and improve them.

05. Companies

Import Companies information from HubSpot to Google Sheets to get an overview of all organizations that have ever purchased from you. Review the list to find frequent buyers and see whether you can come up with a special offer or another incentive for them.

How to import information from HubSpot to Google Sheets

  1. Step 1. Select HubSpot as a data source
    30 seconds
  2. Step 2. Pick a data entity to export from HubSpot
    10 seconds
  3. Step 3. Specify filter criteria
    2 minutes
  4. Step 4. Select the data destination in Google Sheets
    1 minute
  5. Step 5. Set a schedule for data refreshes
    20 seconds
  6. Step 6. Save and run the importer
    5 seconds

Why use to set up HubSpot to Google Sheets integration

As a sales and marketing manager, or business owner, optimizing sales processes has always been and will be one of your core objectives. To achieve it, it is necessary to automate routine tasks, making sure your employees focus on what generates the most income, and not on the areas requiring lots of manual work. can help you reach this goal by automating the output of HubSpot data straight to Google Sheets and giving you easy access to the most recent sales information displayed in the format you prefer.

Go beyond default HubSpot reporting capabilities and customize the contents of every dashboard and graph you create, as well as share the contents with the parties involved without the need to create a separate CRM account for each of them.

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Set up multiple integrations to count on every day

Looking to import data from  ShopifyClockifyJira,  or any other app? Not a problem. Use to link a data source to Google Sheets to automate workflows and leverage the power of spreadsheets across all your projects!

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