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Why integrate Pipedrive to Google Sheets

Review the results of sales activities

Import custom fields from your Pipedrive database to create custom sales reports aligned with your company processes. Connect deals, products, or other data entities to build complex reports and forecasts. Automatically import Pipedrive data to Google Sheets to monitor key business metrics such as sales revenue, customer acquisition cost and lifetime value, lead conversion rates, deal size, and more in near real-time.

Optimize sales team performance

Build an automatically updating dashboard to measure the productivity of a sales team by reviewing KPIs based on given data points. Track individual and team performance to efficiently manage your sales focus in the early stages. Monitor pipeline coverage and close rates to predict monthly results and balance your team. Use the power of Google Sheets reporting to visualize each metric and quickly identify areas of improvement.

Be creative when analyzing insights

Combine data from different sources and share information with other departments in the way you prefer. Integrate Pipedrive to Google Sheets, then filter and process your data, and then visualize your sales activity with the help of reporting tools. Use Google Data Studio, Tableau, MixPanel, or any other compatible software that is suitable for your stakeholders. Analyze correlations between sales and marketing in aggregated reports.

What data to export from Pipedrive to Google Sheets

01. Deals

Fetch data from Pipedrive deals, such as user ID, deal status, value, timeline, or any other custom fields to analyze important aspects of your company’s transactions.

02. Persons

Pull your customers database to Google Sheets to track communication activities with your contacts, inspect related deals, and plan further actions.

03. Organizations

Export organizations data including contact persons, locations, related activities and deals to inspect your customers and analyze the most profitable deals.

04. Activities

Use Pipedrive to Google Sheets integration to know how many activities your sales agents complete. Pull all finished or scheduled activities, their types, and participants.

05. Files

Export information about files added to deals or contacts to track offers made, quotes sent by email, attached reports, or review associated products and activities.

06. Leads

Track how much time it takes to convert leads into deals or build forecasts by checking the number of leads per salesperson.

07. Call logs

Send call log data from Pipedrive to Google Sheets to monitor cold calling efficiency, and measure the conversion from calls to booking meetings or other activities.

08. Products

Import Pipedrive data to Google sheets to examine your product list and create simple pricing reports.

How to import Pipedrive data to Google Sheets

  1. Step 1. Select Pipedrive as a data source
    30 seconds
  2. Step 2. Connect your Pipedrive account
    30 seconds
  3. Step 3. Pick a data entity to export from Pipedrive
    1 minute
  4. Step 4. Specify a data destination in Google Sheets
    1 minute
  5. Step 5. Set a schedule for data updates
    20 seconds
  6. Step 6. Save and run the importer
    5 seconds

Why use to send your Pipedrive data to Google Sheets

Boost your sales performance with seamless Pipedrive and Google Sheets integration. Schedule your data refresh and work with up-to-date information with no extra effort.

Use custom filters to extract all needed information from Pipedrive and analyze it in Google Sheets or visualize it in reporting tools.

Automatically collect your data from several different apps in a single spreadsheet and build near to real-time dashboards.

Get support from our data experts in setting your tailored sales analysis workflow.

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