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Enable direct online export of Salesforce data to Excel to manipulate and share your sales reports without limitations.

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Why link Salesforce to Excel

Analyze historical data and build forecasts

Export Salesforce to Excel to automatically collect data for different periods in a single workbook. Create year-to-year comparison charts to see the progress. Rely on objective historical data to predict sales and revenue with exponential smoothing, linear regression, and other powerful forecasting methods. Perform what-if analysis to experiment with various scenarios and take your financial analysis to the next level.

Join data from multiple sources in a single report

Export Salesforce data to Excel and combine it with numbers coming from incompatible systems or even business units. Sync your sales, marketing, and financial reports to perform complete business analysis. Compare data across different sources to see correlations or mismatches. Create live integrated dashboards that can be updated automatically in near real-time.

Enhance data visualization and presentation

Use the power of Excel to group, filter, visualize, and share your sales and marketing results. Display large amounts of data in tabular or summary reports and make it more digestible with heatmaps, pivot tables, and histograms. Build dashboards directly in Excel or connect your preferred data visualization tool, such as Power BI, Qlik Sense, Geckoboard, and others. Share your reports with stakeholders in any comprehensive format.

What data to extract from Salesforce to Excel

01. Opportunities

Go beyond the functionality of Salesforce — export Opportunities to Excel and analyze them your way. Build better funnels and create enhanced predictions by collecting historical data. Track efficiency of sales representatives by calculating conversion rates per specialist and examining the efforts taken.

02. Accounts and Contacts

Export Salesforce contacts list and accounts to Excel to replicate, reuse, and share your customer database. Integrate it with other systems and applications, such as email marketing and direct messaging. Use the power of Excel formulas to clean up your customer base and track duplicates.

03. Leads

Collect data about your opportunities and leads in one destination to analyze your sales efforts. Create customized reports and build forecasts, calculate and project growth revenue. Review lead sources and connect this information with analytics and marketing platforms to assess the effectiveness of your content marketing and ads campaigns.

04. Tasks

Fetch data about tasks and merge it with other entities or even projects. Build personalized dashboards for every sales representative. Display information about their tasks, activities, and progress. Compare this data with previous seasons to find correlations and predict workloads. Instantly find gaps and missing details.

05. Other fields

Directly export Salesforce object fields to Excel, including invoices, orders, products, and even assets, logs, duplicate record items, etc. Manipulate, group and merge this data in Excel without restrictions and limitations. Calculate any types of metrics you need to enhance your business results.

How to enable Salesforce export to Excel

  1. Step 1. Select Salesforce as a data source and connect your account.
    30 seconds
  2. Step 2. Select a data entity to extract from Salesforce.
    10 seconds
  3. Step 3. Specify filter criteria (optionally).
    30 seconds
  4. Step 4. Connect your account and choose a workbook stored on OneDrive.
    30 seconds
  5. Step 5. Set a schedule for data refreshes (optionally), save, and run the importer.
    20 seconds

Why use to connect Salesforce to Excel

Salesforce to Excel integration by is the powerful and easy to use automated solution for extracting data from Salesforce. It's 100% online, so you can use it anywhere, anytime. Just sign up, and with a few clicks you'll be exporting all your data to Excel, ready for analysis.

Export Salesforce contacts to Excel, fetch data about leads, opportunities, tasks, cases, users, products, and many more to perform advanced calculations, analyze information in real-time, and understand the story behind the numbers.

Find the most convenient way of sharing and visualizing your data. Receive outstanding support from the team for any data challenges that you may face.

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