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Why set a Mailchimp to Excel integration

Perform advanced calculations

Extract value from your audience data, campaign results, reports, and other data in Mailchimp. Export to Excel all this information and make statistical analyses and complex calculations. Use macros, advanced formulas, and other Excel advantages to uncover meaningful patterns and piece together a complete picture of your operations. With, any business user with no coding skills can create an automated Mailchimp - Excel integration in just a few minutes.

Present your data in a visual format

Make your calculations and analytical findings more persuasive and easily shareable. Excel has great in-built features for data visualization. You can turn your Mailchimp stats into various pie charts, graphs, or tables. Then gather all these elements into one informative dashboard with automatically updated metrics. can refresh your Mailchimp data in Excel every month, week, day, or even every 15 minutes. Just toggle on the Automatic data refresh feature in your settings.

Combine data from different sources

Get a 360 view of your marketing processes by aggregating data stored in several applications. Export Mailchimp to Excel, then add your datasets from Airtable, HubSpot, Pipedrive, or Shopify. With Excel’s unlimited storage space, you can count on great speed and performance even with huge volumes of data. Analyze the information across all your marketing tools and find actionable insights. can help you export data from over 20 sources.

Export Mailchimp contacts to Excel, transfer campaigns and reports

01. Contacts

Tap into the rich data you accumulate on a daily basis. Export Mailchimp Contacts to Excel and analyze your user database from different angles. Leverage the gleaned insights to enhance personalization and improve your approaches to communication.

02. Audience data

See how your user base grows, interacts with your emails, changes preferences, and adopts new interests. This data type allows you to monitor how many users subscribed or unsubscribed, as well as how many are expected to confirm their subscription or were removed from the list. Check the existing stats and calculate new metrics once you export Mailchimp to Excel.

03. Reports

Explore the reports on all your email campaigns and discover important insights that can help you improve targeting. See which campaigns bring you the most customers and which initiatives translate into business results. Leverage Excel’s in-built features to analyze where you stand and spot underlying trends in advance.

04. Automations

Drive engagement with the enhanced analysis of your Automations. Export Mailchimp to Excel and revise your triggers, fine-tune targeted emails, and reshape user journeys. Create various graphs and charts directly in Excel, and effortlessly collaborate with your team to turn data into new ideas.

05. Campaigns

Zoom into your Campaigns data and get a complete overview of your previous results and ongoing efforts. Once you export it to Excel from Mailchimp, you can use Excel’s native functionality to perform additional calculations and add your findings to your marketing dashboard.

How to export Mailchimp to Excel

  1. Step 1 Sign up for with your Microsoft account.
    10 seconds
  2. Step 2. Select Mailchimp as a source and Excel as a destination.
    10 seconds
  3. Step 3. Link your Mailchimp account and pick a data type.
    30 seconds
  4. Step 4. Set the parameters for data filtering (not required).
    30 seconds
  5. Step 5. Log in to your Microsoft OneDrive account, and pick a workbook for the transfer.
    30 seconds
  6. Step 6. Schedule regular data updates and run the importer.
    30 seconds

Why use for Mailchimp - Excel import

With, you can easily automate data transferring and keep your Mailchimp stats in Excel up to date. Turn on the Automated data refresh, and the latest information will be regularly transferred to your workbook. Set a custom schedule for the importing so that it fits your operational processes and meets your team’s goals.

You can start exporting Mailchimp to Excel with our 14-day free trial. Check out how the automatic data refresh works, use different import modes, and test other available features. can transfer data from more than 20 different sources, so see the full list of integrations and choose the ones that you may need.

The free trial will let you decide on the subscription plan that works best for your needs. offers reasonable pricing and a variety of options to choose from.

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You ask, we answer! allows you to export several data types related to Mailchimp lists. For example, Audience activity (the overview of your users’ actions), Clients (data on the email clients your audience uses), and Growth history (changes in your contact list during the selected period). You can also export the database of your users by selecting the Contacts data entity. This data will give you detailed information on your users’ interests, contact details, subscription status, etc.
Sign up for and follow the instructions to create your Mailchimp - Excel importer. Then, in the Source menu, select the data entity you need. Finish the setup process, and run the importer. If you want to transfer all your data on lists, you will need to create several separate importers, one for each data type related to lists. To do so, go to the My importers tab, find your first Mailchimp importer, and click the menu on the right. Select Edit, and then change the data entity in the Source section. After this, go to the Destination section and select a new sheet for importing. If you forget to do this, your previous data may be erased by the new one (unless you’ve selected the Append import mode). Once you are ready, save your settings and hit Run to export your Mailchimp list to Excel.
No, it’s not difficult at all. You can set an automated connection in several minutes using This is a popular third-party tool for transferring data between different systems. is designed specifically for business users. With this solution, people without any technical background can quickly and easily export data from Mailchimp to Excel.

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