Facebook Ads dashboard template

Derive valuable insights on the performance of your advertising campaigns with the help of our ready-to-go Facebook Ads dashboard template built in Looker Studio. Get instant access to essential ad performance metrics and evaluate campaign effectiveness in real-time to be able to make decisions driven by data rather than your gut feeling.

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How to start using your Facebook Ads reporting dashboard

Step 1.

Create a Coupler.io account. A free 14-day trial is available, no credit card is required.

Step 2.

Click a link to connect Facebook Ads to Looker Studio.

Step 3.

Click ‘Connect’ to import the data to the newly created data source in Looker Studio.

Step 4.

Click ‘Create report’ to run your Facebook Ads reporting dashboard.

Build your comprehensive Facebook Ads dashboard in minutes!

Gain the most out of your data with Coupler.io

Streamline data analysis and reporting with an all-in-one platform to manage your data. Use Coupler.io to create automated reports, track essential KPIs, and analyze your performance data to accelerate growth with data-driven decisions.

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Easily export and combine data from the apps you use

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Organize your data to focus on what matters most

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Get analysis-ready data to build insightful dashboards

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Automate and refresh your data on a schedule

Facebook Ads dashboard - your analytical one-stop-shop

Think of the Facebook Ads reporting dashboard as an effective assistant to declutter your ad performance analytics. It’s ready-to-use and doesn't require a steep learning curve, so you can effortlessly integrate it into your reporting workflow.

Ready-to-use solution for data analysis icon

Ready-to-use solution for data analysis

Monitor the most crucial metrics that will let you analyze the performance of your advertising campaigns. Connect your Facebook Ads account with just a few clicks and get your data refreshed on a custom schedule.

Seamlessly integrate with Facebook Ads icon

Seamlessly integrate with Facebook Ads

Synchronize your Facebook Ads account with the Facebook Ads dashboard using a preconfigured integration. No complex setups or advanced technical expertise is needed to populate the dashboard’s charts with your ads data.

Save up to 60% time on reporting icon

Save up to 60% time on reporting

Automate reporting with the ready-to-go Facebook Ads dashboard which collects data and displays it in an easy-to-understand way. Save up to 60% of your time with automation so you can focus your efforts on high-value work.

Share data and collaborate without a hitch icon

Share data and collaborate without a hitch

Optimize the collaboration with your teammates and stakeholders by sharing the Facebook Ads dashboard and the insights it holds. Keep your marketing team on the same page without sharing access to Facebook Ads manager.

Make data-driven decisions icon

Make data-driven decisions

Use the Facebook Ads dashboard to access, track, and understand key metrics and KPIs of your ad campaigns. Improve your strategies, dodge headwinds, and make decisions powered by analytics.

Get insights easier icon

Get insights easier

See the whole picture of your Facebook Ads campaign performance thanks to the data presented in the form of digestible visualizations and tables. Get more insights from data faster to stay ahead of the curve.

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The requested dashboard is not in our gallery. Contact us for a customized solution.

Metrics you can track with the Facebook Ads dashboard

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Total impressions

An impression is every instance your ad is displayed to users. By tracking the total number of impressions, you can assess the effectiveness of your ad strategy in capturing attention and increasing brand awareness. Impressions is an essential metric to gauge the reach and visibility of your search ads on the Facebook social media platform.

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Cost per thousand impressions (CPM)

Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM) reveals the average cost for every 1,000 impressions served by your Facebook ads. CPM serves as a valuable indicator of how efficiently you are using your ad budget to reach your target audience. Track CPM through our Facebook Ads dashboard template to optimize your return on advertising spend (ROAS).

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Total amount spent

Total amount spent or ad spend provides a comprehensive overview of all the expenses incurred on your Facebook Ads campaigns within a specific period. Easily track your advertising budget with the help of our Facebook Ads dashboard to gain better control over costs and evaluate the overall return on investment (ROI) of your ad set campaigns.

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Total clicks

The total clicks is a metric to measure the overall number of user interactions with your Facebook Ads. It includes clicks on different clickable elements such as headline links, call-to-action buttons, and so on. Track total clicks to get valuable insights into the level of interest and interaction that your Facebook advertisements generate.

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Unique clicks

A unique click is a distinct user who clicks on your ads and lands on your page. The number of unique link clicks gives you a clear understanding of the unique traffic your campaign is driving. By tracking unique clicks, you can evaluate the success of your campaigns, namely how well they generate interest and capture the attention of potential leads.

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Cost per click (CPC)

Cost per click (CPC) shows the average cost incurred for each click on your ads within your Facebook Ads campaigns. By monitoring CPC through our Facebook Ads dashboard, you can get valuable insights into the efficiency of your ad campaigns in driving user engagement and, therefore, optimize your bidding strategies for maximum return on investment (ROI).

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Click-through rate (CTR)

CTR or click-through rate represents the ratio between the clicks and impressions your ads receive. Tracking CTR allows you to gauge how attractive and relevant your ads are to users' search queries.  The analysis and the following improvement of CTR will increase the likelihood of converting clicks into desired actions, such as website visits or conversions.

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Total actions

An action is an engagement that users perform with your ad including clicks, video views, and many others. Total actions as a metric allows you to understand how engaging and hence efficient your ads are. Track total actions to assess the success of your ad campaigns, identify areas for improvement, and optimize your ad strategy.

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Cost per action (CPA)

CPA or cost per action represents the average cost incurred for each action completed by a user in response to your Facebook Ads. The actions can include sign-ups, video views, ecommerce purchases, and so on. Track CPA to understand and measure the cost-effectiveness of your Facebook advertising efforts and make informed decisions about budget allocation.

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Action rate

Action rate is a metric used to measure the level of user engagement within your Facebook Ads. It shows the percentage of users who performed an interaction with an ad in relation to the total number of ad impressions. Tracking the action rate provides valuable insights into the engagement level and how your ads are resonating with your target audience.

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Conversions: signups

A conversion refers to a completed interaction with a Facebook ad. Signups are basically conversions by the users who completed the registration process, such as creating an account, subscribing to a service, etc. Tracking sign-ups provides a clear measure of how well your ads engage and persuade users to complete the desired action of signing up.

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A purchase is a conversion event that can be represented by a completed purchase of an item, subscription plan, or another asset by a user who interacted with your ads. Tracking purchases provides you with valuable insights into the revenue generated and allows you to evaluate the conversion success of your advertising efforts.

Use the Facebook Ads dashboard to act smart and wise on your ad data

Discover the boundless potential of PPC and digital marketing analytics with the help of Coupler.io. Launch the optimization of your advertising efforts based on the valuable insights derived using our intuitive online marketing analytics dashboard. It’s a ready-to-go analytics and reporting tool to gain access to a comprehensive range of Facebook Ads metrics and key performance indicators. Monitor campaign effectiveness, uncover hidden opportunities for growth, and do more in one place with no additional effort.

Our Facebook Ads dashboard is equipped with a built-in connector to effortlessly incorporate your campaign data into the charts and tables of the report. Save your time and effort by synchronizing the dashboard with your Facebook Ads data with no extra effort invested. Enjoy the user-friendly layout and seamless Facebook Ads integration in one package of a pre-designed framework to delve deep into your PPC campaigns. This, in turn, will let you optimize your costs and maximize your return on investment.

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