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From building a custom dashboard to setting up data analytics in your organization from scratch — we will handle your data-driven transformation.

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What we can help you with

Data visualization

Our data experts will transform an endless flow of numbers intotangible and actionable insights. We build customized auto-updating dashboards that display essential metrics and help you make data-driven decisions.

Business analytics

Whether you are launching a project or improving current performance, we will assist you with the choice of key metrics and their management. You will gain a set of reports that demonstrate the full picture of your business.

Data infrastructure

We recommend and set up the tools for the efficient hosting, storing, processing, and managing of your data. Be it a database, data warehouse, analytics system, or BI solution — we will make your data work for you.

Data automation

Our data experts help improve operational performance by establishing data flows between numerous apps, automating repetitive tasks and business workflows. This reduces your manual work and minimizes human errors.

Actionable dashboards powered by data automation

Customer service dashboard image

Customer service dashboard

Monitor customer support team performance and workload to maximize your customer satisfaction.

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Sales leads dashboard image

Sales leads dashboard

Analyze where your leads are coming from and track dynamics to manage your sales effort and make accurate predictions.

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Ecommerce KPI dashboard image

Ecommerce KPI dashboard

Monitor main ecommerce KPIs, such as sales funnel metrics and conversion dynamics, on a single dashboard to improve your store performance.

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Ad groups performance image
Paid Ads

Ad groups performance

Track costs and conversions across ad groups and different channels to optimize your marketing campaigns.

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Ad campaigns dashboard image
Paid Ads

Ad campaigns dashboard

Gain a clear overview of how your ad campaigns perform across various channels to efficiently manage resources.

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Countries performance overview image
Paid Ads

Countries performance overview

Optimize your PPC strategy on specific markets based on the overall sales and marketing performance by country.

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Sales overview dashboard image

Sales overview dashboard

Gain a detailed snapshot of your sales performance to monitor changes and instantly see where your attention is required.

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Sales performance by region image

Sales performance by region

Analyze sales of your products and services across different locations to efficiently manage your stock and resources.

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Cohort analysis report image

Cohort analysis report

Use cohort analysis to improve customer retention by understanding seasonal and other patterns.

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AARRR product metrics image

AARRR product metrics

Track SaaS metrics and their correlation to fuel product-led growth (based on the AARRR framework).

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PPC reporting dashboard image
Paid Ads

PPC reporting dashboard

Have a detailed overview of all ads channels and campaigns gathered in one dashboard to instantly act on your data.

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Sales analysis dashboard image

Sales analysis dashboard

Track all important sales metrics in one place - from general sales performance to cohort analysis and detailed sales report by region.

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Want to have your customized dashboards?

You ask, we answer
You simply need to fill in the short contact form and briefly describe your project and your needs. We do the rest and set up a free call to learn more about your business goals and discuss how we can help you attain them. As the next steps, we will define the project scope and implementation details.
We offer a customized data analytics consulting service tailored to the needs of every customer and every specific project. Our expertise includes data management, from defining data strategy and setting up the infrastructure to data automation connecting various tools used across the organization into the integrated data system. We can also help you with defining business analytics metrics and setting up proper tracking and reporting. Describe us your project and tasks and together we will discuss the most efficient solution for your business.
The price depends on the project’s scope, duration, and required resources. The average cost of a complex dashboard with one data source type is about $5,000 - $8,000. The average cost of data flow automation with one source and one destination is the same. While costs of data infrastructure highly depends on existing tool set. We start with a discovery call to discuss your business goals and needs, then agree on the scope of work, provide you with our estimation, and once approved, sign an agreement. Additional services are available at $120 per hour. Please contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case and find the most cost-efficient data analytics consulting solution.
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