LinkedIn Ads dashboard for performance analytics

Get an ad performance analytics tool to streamline the effectiveness of your LinkedIn advertising campaigns. Use our pre-built LinkedIn Ads dashboard template in Looker Studio to monitor key metrics and gain valuable insights. Leverage the findings from LinkedIn Ads to make intelligent business decisions and drive success.


How to start using your LinkedIn Ads performance dashboard

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Use one solution to access, transform, manage, and act on your LinkedIn Ads data. is the very data automation platform that is designed to shift your reporting and analytics to the top level.

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The benefits of our LinkedIn Ads dashboard

The LinkedIn Ads dashboard is a peace of mind solution to tracking the efficiency of your marketing effort. Get answers to many LinkedIn Ads reporting and analytics questions you have instantly.

Linkedin Ads performance monitor icon

Linkedin Ads performance monitor

Access a comprehensive set of essential metrics to analyze your LinkedIn Ads performance without much effort. Load data from your LinkedIn Ads account and enjoy the convenience of the self-updated dashboard.

Direct integration with LinkedIn Ads icon

Direct integration with LinkedIn Ads

Easily connect your LinkedIn Ads account to the dashboard template and automate data refresh on a desired schedule. Enjoy the built-in connector that does not require any intricate configuration to launch the dashboard.

Comprehensive view of ad performance icon

Comprehensive view of ad performance

Embrace a holistic perspective of your LinkedIn Ads campaign performance through intuitive data visualizations and informative tables. Access deeper and actionable insights more quickly to stay ahead of the competition.

Data-based perspective to make decisions icon

Data-based perspective to make decisions

Harness the power of the LinkedIn Ads dashboard to comprehend the performance of your advertising strategy. Monitor essential KPIs to identify bottlenecks, overcome challenges, and make decisions backed by analytics, not luck.

Easily shareable insights and findings icon

Easily shareable insights and findings

Facilitate collaboration with your team and stakeholders by easily sharing the insights kept within the LinkedIn Ads dashboard. Foster teamwork and alignment within your marketing team without any hassle.

Reporting and analytics development thrust icon

Reporting and analytics development thrust

Unleash сustomization options available at Looker (Data) Studio to tune your reporting dashboard. Maximize the potential of your analytical tool by making the necessary modifications to meet your business needs.

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Metrics included into the LinkedIn Ads dashboard

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Each occurrence of your ad being displayed to users on LinkedIn is considered an impression. The total number of impressions allows you to evaluate the reach and visibility of your search ads on the LinkedIn social media platform. Monitoring this essential metric is crucial to gauge the effectiveness of your ad strategy and expand brand awareness.

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Cost per thousand impressions (CPM)

Cost per impression is usually inappreciable, therefore marketers go with the CPM metric - cost per thousand impressions as this shows how much every 1,000 ad impressions on LinkedIn cost you. Tracking CPM with the help of our LinkedIn Ads dashboard is essential to gauge the effectiveness of your budget and optimize return on advertising spend (ROAS).

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Amount spent

The amount spent metrics, also known as ad spend, shows how much money you’ve spent on running your LinkedIn Ads campaigns. This performance indicator is widely used in the calculation of related metrics such as CPC or CPM. It’s imperative for you to monitor the total amount spent to maintain cost control and measure the return on investment of your advertising strategy.

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A user click is an indicator of the user’s interaction with clickable elements of your ad, such as CTA buttons, headlines, etc. The number of clicks allows you to understand the attractiveness of your LinkedIn advertisements and their relevance to your audience. This metric is also important to see the overall performance of user interactions with your ad set.

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Cost per click (CPC)

Cost per click defines the average cost incurred for each user click on a clickable element of your ads. Tracking CPC on our LinkedIn Ads dashboard lets you assess the cost efficiency of your campaigns and maximize the value of your investments. It’s also beneficial to optimize your bid strategies, refine targeting, and identify areas of opportunity.

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Click-through rate (CTR)

CTR or click-through rate is the percentage of users who clicked on clickable elements of your LinkedIn ads relative to the total number of impressions. The value of the CTR on our LinkedIn Ads dashboard is that it lets you measure the engagement and relevance of your ads to the audience. With CTR, you can identify low-performing ads to optimize messaging and visuals.

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Every completed action taken by a user after interacting with your advertisements is defined as a conversion. Conversions can cover signups, purchases, file downloads, etc. Tracking and knowing the total number of conversions allows you to measure the efficiency of your ad campaigns and make respective decisions to maximize the outcomes you aim to achieve.

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Conversion rate

Conversion rate is the percentage of conversions out of the total number of impressions. You can monitor the conversion rate on our LinkedIn Ads dashboard to assess the effectiveness of your campaign objectives. Tracking the conversion rate allows you to optimize your conversion funnel and enhance the overall conversion effectiveness for better marketing outcomes.

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Lead form opens

LinkedIn Ads allow you to collect even more quality leads from your ads with seamless pre-filled lead generation forms. The number of lead form opens shows how many times users opened your lead gen forms. With this metric, you can understand the efficiency and relevance of your lead form and optimize its CTA or visual if necessary.

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Once a user opens a lead form, it becomes pre-filled with their professional information from their LinkedIn profile, including contact info, company name, etc. The next click on the form sends this information which defines the user as a lead. The number of leads as a metric is available on our LinkedIn Ads dashboard, so you can track the efficiency of your forms.

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An engagement includes various social actions taken by users on your LinkedIn Ads, including reactions (likes, loves, wows, and more), comments, opens, and shares. On our LinkedIn Ads performance dashboard, you can track the total number of engagements, as well as by category. This allows you to assess the resonance of your ad content and evaluate the effectiveness of your ad creative. These insights, in turn, will help you optimize your messaging and build stronger relationships with your target audience.

What types of visualizations work best for the LinkedIn Ads dashboard


Uncover the performance of your campaigns by displaying essential LinkedIn Ads metrics on scorecards in a concise and easy-to-read format.

Charts and graphs

Gain valuable insights into your LinkedIn Ads data through captivating charts in the form of lines, bars and columns, donuts, and so on.


Use funnel visualizations to gain a clear understanding of the user flow from ad impressions to engagements, clicks, and conversions.


Make actionable drill-downs into your ad campaign performance data using tables and pivot tables filled with key metrics.

Make your decisions driven by data using the LinkedIn Ads dashboard

Dive into the realm of digestible metrics and clear insights provided by our LinkedIn Ads performance dashboard. Get a ready-to-go solution to analyze PPC results and monitor essential performance indicators to raise the efficiency of your ad strategy. Keep the important information in one place for a better understanding of whether your advertising effort yields fruit or not.

Employ the power of to shift your analytics and reporting to the top level. Analyse LinkedIn Ads performance with the help of the plug-and-play dashboard template or create more advanced reporting solutions with as a connector for your data sources. Gain access to the formation dissipated across multiple apps and sources, manage the important marketing data, and streamline your marketing efforts all in one place effortlessly.

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