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Why link Shopify data to Excel spreadsheet

Analyze your store’s performance

Set up automatic exports with Shopify to Excel integration and populate your Excel workbooks with the latest available data. Transform data with sophisticated Excel formulas and scripts, connect BI tools and extract insights from hundreds of data fields. Visualize and auto-update the vital metrics of your business.

Build and share reports

Pull the latest on your orders, customers, and products on a chosen schedule. Leverage the power of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to perform advanced calculations and auto-generate rich, customizable reports for colleagues. Use macros to distribute order summaries across your fulfillment centers.

Monitor the business operations from within a spreadsheet

Bring a Shopify inventory report to Excel. Visualize and auto-update the available stocks in different locations. With Excel automation, push notifications to staff about items running out. Monitor the overdue shipments, failed payments, or fulfillment times. Turn an Excel spreadsheet into a powerful mission control center.

What data to import with Shopify to Excel integration

01. Orders

Export orders automatically from Shopify to Excel. Calculate the revenues and profits. Forecast future sales and prepare for them. Monitor customers’ requests, fulfillment statuses, orders per location, or sales over time.

02. Orders with line items

Dive deeper into the items customers buy from you. View the purchased products for each order coming up and automatically calculate the profitability. Build charts demonstrating the most and least profitable items.

03. Products

Never worry about having an outdated product list. Export Shopify products to Excel on schedule, even hourly. Calculate margins, test how discounts impact your revenue, and compare suppliers.

04. Customers

Perform a Shopify customer export to Excel and segment them at will. Identify the most profitable customers and treat them with an individual offer. Reactivate those that haven’t ordered in a while.

05. Inventory

Fetch the list of items in your warehouses. Have a clear overview of what’s running out and what’s overstocked. Monitor the stock levels of different variants. Build rich reports showcasing your inventory in different locations.

06. Orders with shipping lines

Know precisely where your orders ship and optimize the delivery process. Calculate the feasibility of international orders and determine where the margins are the highest. Enhance reports with geolocation data.

07. Order fulfillment

Import the tracking details for each dispatched order. Calculate the fulfillment time for each order and compare the data over time on charts. Spot where the bottlenecks are and aid the customer-facing staff with the latest available data.

08. Orders refund transactions

Track the efficiency of the refund process. Keep the customer-facing staff in the loop with the status of each refund. Load the transaction list into an accounting software or trigger automated emails to better understand the reasons behind each refund.

How to export Shopify to Excel

  1. Step 1. Select Shopify as a data source
    5 seconds
  2. Step 2. Pick a data entity to import from Shopify
    10 seconds
  3. Step 3. Generate and copy Shopify API credentials
    2 minutes
  4. Step 4. Choose Excel as your data destination
    30 seconds
  5. Step 5. Set a schedule for refreshing data
    20 seconds
  6. Step 6. Save and run the importer
    5 seconds

Why connect Shopify to Excel with

As a Shopify store owner or manager, you always want to stay on top of data. You need an easy way to access the key metrics and guarantee that the information you look at is up-to-date.

With and its Shopify to Excel integration, you can have both. automatically pulls data from your Shopify store and brings it into an Excel workbook. It lets you create a refresh schedule that works best for your business, and requires zero effort on your side.

Build powerful Excel workbooks and save them onto OneDrive. Set up to auto-populate them with data. Use the power of Excel to process and transform the data or jump to Excel Online for easy collaboration.

Create interactive dashboards to visualize your sales, conversions, or funnels. Customize them at will and build self-updating dashboards. Set up a reporting tool that your business deserves.

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