Automate Harvest to Excel integration

Connect your Excel workbook to your Harvest account to load time records, information about estimates, expenses, invoices, and other valuable data on a schedule.

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Why import Harvest data to Excel

Track and analyze metrics

Use the Harvest to Excel integration to load raw data to spreadsheets, where you can easily calculate metrics, build dashboards or monitors, and otherwise manipulate figures. Set up the automatic data refresh to import data from Harvest on a schedule to keep your data set up to date. Leverage Excel’s spreadsheeting power for your advanced analytics and data manipulation.

Store data outside of Harvest

Make your Harvest data easily accessible for you and your stakeholders by exporting entries to Microsoft Excel. Store your data as a backup copy or as a repository for generating reports. Keep the exported Harvest data up to date with the help of the automatic data refresh. Use the data from your Excel repository as raw data to import to other apps and software.

Keep data from multiple sources in one place

Accumulate data from Harvest in a single Excel workbook together with information exported from other accounts and apps associated with your projects. Consolidate your data from QuickBooks, Xero, or another software with the Harvest data for advanced analytics. Track financial metrics, such as consumer debt and other indicators, by keeping data exported from multiple sources in a single spreadsheet.

What data you can load using the Harvest to Excel integration

01. Time entries and expenses

Import the information about the tracked hours and expenses, which are line items for future invoices. You will get the records about the billing status, date and time for every status change, notes, as well as associated invoices, clients, projects, users, etc.

02. Projects and project assignments

Get the summary information about all projects, including the details for the user and task assignments for projects. This data contains records about the status of assignments, hourly rates, budget used, and more.

03. Clients and client contacts

The Harvest to Excel integration allows you to import a summary of all your clients and their contact information. You’ll learn their status, currency, and date of creation in Harvest. The client contacts will provide addresses, emails, and other valuable contact information.

04. Invoices and estimates

Load the records associated with invoices and estimates. For both invoices and estimates, you have access to a summary of all entities, a list of item categories, and line items. Use this financial information exported to Excel for reporting and budgeting purposes.

05. Company settings, roles, tasks, and users

Get miscellaneous data, such as company setting, roles, tasks, and users from your Harvest account to Excel. Use this data to analyze the performance of your activities, as well as other essential metrics. Automate the import of data on a schedule with just a few clicks.

How to connect Harvest to Excel

  1. Step 1. Choose Harvest from the drop-down list of sources
    5 seconds
  2. Step 2. Connect the Harvest account and select the data entity you want to import
    30 seconds
  3. Step 3. Choose Excel from the drop-down list of destinations
    5 seconds
  4. Step 4. Connect your Microsoft account and select a workbook and worksheet
    2 minutes
  5. Step 5. Enable the automatic data refresh and set up a schedule
    20 seconds
  6. Step 6. Run the integration to import Harvest data to Excel
    5 seconds

Why use for getting Harvest data into Microsoft Excel provides you with an easy and clickable way to integrate Harvest and Excel for recurring data transfer. Export hours tracked, invoices, estimates, contact information, and many other actionable data to your workbook on a schedule that suits you. Forget about manually downloading files from Harvest every time you need to refresh your data set.

Use Excel as an external repository for your Harvest records with the help of the Harvest to Excel integration. Choose your own reason for exporting data to spreadsheets, be it a creation of a backup copy, a transitional repository, a reporting file, etc. Synchronize Harvest with Excel and enjoy the convenience of automatic data refresh to keep your data set up to date.

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Set up multiple integrations to count on every day

Looking to import data from  PipedriveClockifyXero,  or any other app? Not a problem. Use to link a data source to Excel to automate workflows and leverage the power of spreadsheets across all your projects!

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