Connect BigQuery to Excel for query exports

Select an entire table or specific data range with the help of SQL queries and load this data from BigQuery to Excel on demand or on a schedule with a few clicks.

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Why export queries from BigQuery to Excel?

Generate and share reports in Excel

Benefit from optimized reporting in Excel rather than creating an authorized view in BigQuery to give a view access to a dataset. Connect Excel to BigQuery to extract queries from BQ and load them to your workbook on a schedule. Automate report generation in Excel based on BigQuery data. Select the desired frequency for your reports, such as every day or every 15 minutes. Share the generated reports with your partners or third-parties to keep them up-to-date with the latest information.

Analyze data in Excel

Export BigQuery data to a workbook to perform analytics available to any person at your company. Analyze and understand your data through the powerful features of Excel without having to compose complicated SQL queries. Filter the data according to certain criteria, view your data from a different perspective using pivot tables, and apply other tools for financial, statistical, and engineering data analytics in Excel.

Blend data from other sources in Excel

Enrich your records stored in Excel with specific records from BigQuery tables. Blend data from different data sources in Excel if this is where the final report or analytics will be carried out. This will let you comply with GDPR and other security requirements if you store specific customer data in Excel and can’t import those to Google BigQuery.

What data you can export from BigQuery to Excel

01. Export all rows from a BigQuery table

With BigQuery Excel integration, you can select and load an entire table to your workbook if the total number of rows and columns is within Excel limits. Automate the data refresh of your BigQuery table in Excel at a custom frequency.

02. Export specific data ranges from BigQuery using advanced queries

Benefit from SQL syntax to compose queries for exporting custom data ranges from BigQuery tables into workbooks. You can define the columns, criteria, sort order, and other conditions for your scheduled exports to Excel.

03. Export multiple BigQuery tables joined together

Export the data combined from multiple tables using the JOIN operations in your SQL queries. You can load concatenated tables based on or regardless of a common value, retrieve all records when there is a match, and apply other data combination scenarios defined in your queries.

How to connect BigQuery to Excel

  1. Step 1. Select BigQuery as a source app and connect your BigQuery project
    2 minutes
  2. Step 2. Enter an SQL query to select specific data from BigQuery
    15 seconds
  3. Step 3. Select Microsoft Excel as a destination application and connect your Microsoft account
    30 seconds
  4. Step 4. Select a workbook on your OneDrive and pick or create a worksheet to load the query results to
    15 seconds
  5. Step 5. Configure the frequency for automatic data refresh and export your query
    20 seconds

Why use to automate BigQuery to Excel integration? allows you to build an automated ETL pipeline from BigQuery to Excel within less than 5 minutes. No coding, VBA macroses, ODBC drivers, or other things are required to load the BigQuery data to a workbook. With a few clicks, you’ll be able to schedule recurrent exports of data from BigQuery at a custom frequency starting at every 15 minutes.

Import entire tables or certain data ranges based on the custom SQL queries. This will let you refine and cleanse records before they end up in your workbook. As well as getting data from BigQuery to Excel, you can set up a reverse data transfer from Excel to BigQuery if needed.

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