Automate Dropbox to Excel Integration

Export your reports and raw data in CSV and XLSX formats stored on Dropbox into Excel workbooks on OneDrive on a custom schedule.

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Why connect Dropbox to Excel

Add files from Dropbox to an Excel workbook

Automate the import of data stored in a Dropbox folder into your workbook on OneDrive. The integration allows you to load an entire CSV file or a Dropbox Excel sheet with a few clicks. You can also merge multiple sheets from Dropbox into one master Excel sheet on OneDrive. Set up as many Dropbox Excel integrations as the number of sheets in your Excel file on Dropbox. Import all rows from your Excel files on Dropbox or select the range you’d like to add to your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. You can also change the import mode to add the newly imported records to the recently added ones.

Back up your data

Connect Dropbox to Excel to create a copy of your files and automate their update on a schedule. Set up a custom frequency for the refresh of your backup copy to have the latest records imported from Dropbox. Load data from Dropbox files to separate Excel workbooks or separate sheets of one workbook. Back up your data to have it available on OneDrive and local Excel files on your device.

Blend data with information from other sources

Export data from Dropbox to an Excel workbook on OneDrive, where you can blend it with the information loaded from other apps and sources. provides Excel on OneDrive as the destination for multiple sources that you can export data from. Accumulate versatile records on different sheets of a single workbook for your analytical purposes. Use Microsoft Excel as a go-between app to build dashboards and reports in data visualization tools such as Tableau or Power BI.

What data you can import from Dropbox to Excel

01. Files in CSV format

Convert CSV files stored on Dropbox into Excel worksheets on OneDrive. To load multiple files as separate sheets of the same Excel workbook, set up as many Dropbox Excel integrations as the number of CSV files for export. Automate the refresh of your connections to always have the latest records imported from Dropbox to Excel.

02. Excel files in XLSX format

Load data from your XLSX files on Dropbox to Excel workbooks on OneDrive. Export the selected range or an entire sheet. You can also select multiple sheets that will be merged and imported into one master sheet. Automate this data flow at a frequency you like and forget about manual copying and pasting your data between Excel files.

How to set up Dropbox Excel integrations

  1. Step 1. Select Dropbox as a source to load data from and connect your Dropbox account
    25 seconds
  2. Step 2. Select a file with the data for export. This can be any CSV or XLSX files stored on your Dropbox. For XLSX files, select the worksheet and optionally specify a range of cells to export.
    10 seconds
  3. Step 3. Select Microsoft Excel as a destination where to load data and connect your Microsoft account
    25 seconds
  4. Step 4. Select a workbook from your OneDrive and a worksheet to import data to
    10 seconds
  5. Step 5. Enable the automatic data refresh and configure the schedule based on your time preferences
    15 seconds

Why use to connect Dropbox to Excel Online

With, you can set up automated data flows from files that are stored on Dropbox to Excel workbooks on OneDrive. You won’t have to manually copy and paste pieces of data or download and upload your files. The records will be exported automatically on a schedule that you configured according to your purposes. In addition to automatic data refresh, you can also choose the importing method to either replace all the data or add the new rows to the previously imported ones.

The Dropbox to Excel integration is meant to facilitate your workflow by minimizing the manual operations with data transfer. A few clicks and less than 2 minutes are enough to connect your CSV or XLSX file on Dropbox to an Excel workbook on OneDrive and configure the schedule for automatic updates. This connection would assist you in reporting, backing up your data, analytics, and other tasks related to data management.

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To open and edit XLSX files stored on Dropbox in Excel Online, select the file and use the Open in the drop-down menu, then select Excel for the web. This will open your file in Excel Online in a separate tab of your browser. You’ll be able to edit your Excel file right in Dropbox.
At the same time, Dropbox does not allow you to edit CSV files - you can only view them. To open a CSV file stored on Dropbox in Excel, use to convert a Dropbox file to Excel and make it available for editing in Excel Online.
You can’t export an entire folder from your Dropbox, but you can do this for each file separately. allows you to export Dropbox to Excel in the following pattern:
- One CSV file into one sheet in an Excel workbook
- One sheet of an XLSX file into one sheet in an Excel workbook
- Multiple sheets of an XLSX file into one master sheet in an Excel workbook
To export all the data from Dropbox to Excel, you’ll need to set up as many importers as the number of CSV files or sheets in your XLSX files.
With, you can transfer data from one tab of an Excel file on Dropbox to one tab of an Excel file on OneDrive. To load all tabs, you’ll need to set up as many importers as the number of tabs in your source file.
You can also merge and load tabs from your source file to the destination Excel file if they have the same structure of data.
A backup copy of your Dropbox files is a proper solution to mitigate any risks associated with any sort of failures on the Dropbox side. With, you can set up a self-updating copy of your Dropbox data in the Excel workbook on OneDrive. The data will be refreshed every day, every hour, or at other frequencies that you can configure.

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