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Why set up Clockify export to Excel

Analyze data reports

Use the Clockify to Excel integration to automate the export of raw data to worksheets. Calculate project metrics, create pivot tables, and analyze the collected data. Schedule data transfers to Excel to keep your metrics up to date. Use the power of Excel for advanced analytics and calculations.

Distribute collected data

Make the exported data easily accessible for any stakeholder you want to share it with. Filter gathered metrics by date range or any other dimension. Keep Clockify information up to date by automatically refreshing it. Distribute exported figures through different apps and platforms.

Keep data in a single place

Utilize the Clockify export to Excel integration to keep your data safe and secure in various projects. Keep track of items in a simple list for your convenience. Collect all your project data from several sources in a single Excel workbook. Use Excel charting formats to visually represent your metrics.

What data you can load from Clockify to Excel

01. Detailed report

Get detailed reports data such as duration of work, time, earned amounts, and different tags. Use the Clockify to Excel integration to export information, analyze, and share with anyone.

02. Weekly reports

Group raw data by project, user, or activity, by visualizing the amount of time and effort spent on everyday tasks per week. Seamlessly export information to Excel, analyze, and share the insights with anyone on your team.

03. Summary reports

Export summary reports to get a general picture of what has been done during a specified period. Analyze how much you earned, how many hours your team spent performing tasks, and what projects you worked on.

How to import Clockify data to Excel

  1. Step 1. Select Clockify as a data source and provide your workspace ID
    30 seconds
  2. Step 2. Pick a report to export from Clockify
    5 seconds
  3. Step 3. Enter your Clockify account’s API key
    30 seconds
  4. Step 4. Specify Excel as a data destination and connect your OneDrive account
    25 seconds
  5. Step 5. Select the workbook and worksheet to pull data to
    20 seconds
  6. Step 6. Set a schedule for data refreshes (optional)
    20 seconds
  7. Step 7. Run the importer and review its progress
    5 seconds

Why use to set up the Clockify to Excel integration

Managing data and visualizing processes is easy with the Clockify to Excel integration by Simply pull data from Clockify to Excel, analyze it, and share the outcome with other stakeholders. provides a quick setup process with no coding required. It synchronizes Clockify data with an Excel worksheet, making it possible for businesses to calculate metrics, review the collected data, track activities, and analyze raw data with ease.

Feel free to use other integrations with Harvest, Jira, Trello, and so on, to eliminate routine manual work. Automate recurring tasks with and make room for more business-related tasks.

Keep track of your team’s productivity, attendance, and billable hours in one place.

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