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Export stories, tasks, projects, and others automatically, on a set schedule, with no coding required.

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Why use an Asana to Excel integration

Analyze advanced project metrics

Use the Asana to Excel integration to export all the relevant data from Asana. Calculate important KPIs and track milestones with ease. Compare the teams’ productivity over time. Monitor the current workload, and simulate how different allocations would affect the performance. Estimate the future resources you’ll need. Review the projects’ progress on a timeline and visualize dependencies.

Create and share detailed reports

Export Asana to Excel automatically and refresh the data on a chosen schedule. Build self-updating dashboards and monitors in Excel and use them in your daily work. Export project or portfolio reports at will and share them with external stakeholders without the need to invite them to Asana. Prepare any custom reports within minutes, thanks to Asana to Excel integration, and fetch them in the desired format.

Integrate all your data sources into one

Create an auto-updating product dashboard in Excel showcasing data from different apps you use. Export Asana to Excel and, separately, fetch the analytics from HubSpot, Airtable, QuickBooks, Harvest, and many others. Calculate the profitability of your projects and test pricing strategies. Take advantage of a native Excel-Power BI integration or connect your data to other BI tools, such as Tableau or Looker.

What to export from Asana to Excel

01. Stories

Build a live feed of your Asana activity by exporting stories from Asana to Excel and refreshing them even every 15 minutes. Monitor the story types, track projects' activity, and watch for comments and other interactions.

02. Tasks

Export Asana to Excel and fetch all or only specific tasks from your workspace. Track their completion rates, assignees, notes, due dates, and more. Monitor the project’s performance from within a workbook.

03. Projects

Fetch the list of projects from Asana to Excel for an easy overview of what’s going on. Monitor the due dates, notes, statuses, and more. Filter projects by owners or specific members.

04. Portfolios

Get all or only some portfolio details on your workspace. Extract Asana to Excel to see the portfolio owners, members, due dates, and more. Fetch the latest list of items in each portfolio.

05. Other data entities

Collect many other details from Asana to Excel. Fetch and auto-update the list of users, teams, and workspaces. Collect the fresh list of tags, and monitor which sections are used across your projects.

How to export Asana to Excel

  1. Step 1. Pick Asana as a source app and Google Sheets as a destination
    15 seconds
  2. Step 2. Connect your Asana account and choose what to import
    1 minute
  3. Step 3. Sign in with your Microsoft account and choose where to import the data
    2 minutes
  4. Step 4. Enable the automatic data refresh at a chosen frequency
    20 seconds
  5. Step 5. Run the importer
    5 seconds

Why use Coupler.io to set up an Asana to Excel integration

Running or supervising a project, you want to use any tool at your disposal to capture better insights and improve the processes. Excel offers advanced analytical capabilities that Asana doesn’t. For that reason, many choose to export Asana to Excel and run their reporting there.

With Coupler.io, you can export virtually any data from Asana automatically, with just a minimal setup on your side. Moreover, you can choose the schedule for data refreshes to always work with fresh data. All of it, with no coding required.

Try Coupler.io for free and take your Asana reporting to a whole new level.

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You ask, we answer!
If you want to export Asana project to Excel, the “Projects” data entity serves precisely that purpose. You can use it to collect all projects or only those created after a specific date.
If you prefer to collect all tasks or stories associated with a particular project, “Tasks” and “Stories” data entities are the way to go. While you can’t fetch them only for specific projects, you can export all data and filter it in Excel.
“Tasks” is a separate data entity in Coupler.io, and, as the name would suggest, you can use it to export Asana tasks to Excel. Once the import is finished, you’ll see the list of tasks from your workspace, their status, due dates, notes, assignees, and much more.
By default, all existing tasks are fetched with this import. You can, however, choose to fetch only tasks created after a particular date.
This field also supports macros, meaning that you can set to fetch, for example, only tasks created within seven days prior to each importer run.
Exporting comments may not be as straightforward as the predecessors, but it’s still possible. The best way to fetch comments is with the “Stories” data entity, which will fetch all activities related to your stories, including comments.
Run the import of the “Stories” entity. Once the data arrives in Excel, find the “resource_subtype” field. Filter out all records other than “comment_added” and you’ll see all your comments.
By default, all existing comments are fetched with this importer. You can set to import only comments placed after a specific date or use macros to indicate that, for example, only comments from yesterday should be fetched.

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