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Why connect WooCommerce to Google BigQuery

Back up your store’s data

Perform a WooCommerce data replication to BigQuery and never worry about data loss. Create a copy of your store’s data and keep it in an encrypted database. Automatically export all the vital data from your WooCommerce store on Wordpress, including orders, products, customers, reports, and many other categories. Access your data 24/7, even when Wordpress is down.

Blend information from different apps

Set for all your business data to be flowing into BigQuery tables to create an easy overview of your business. Import data from WooCommerce to BigQuery and merge it with the information from analytical platforms, marketing powerhouses, CRMs, or any others. Create a better overview of your sales funnel and build targeted campaigns with ease. Pull up any data within seconds.

Build robust reports and dashboards

Seamlessly connect BigQuery tables into Google Data Studio, Tableau, Looker, or any other data visualization tool. Build interactive dashboards and showcase the vital metrics of your store, such as average order volumes, top-selling products, profit margins, and more. Set for the data to auto-refresh on a schedule you choose and always work with the fresh numbers.

What to export from WooCommerce to BigQuery

01. Orders with line items

Use this WooCommerce to BigQuery integration to fetch all your orders on record or, for example, only those with a specific status. Collect the client details, shipping and billing addresses, and the list of products dispatched with each order. Pull up any custom data on-demand within seconds.

02. Products

Maintain an always-fresh list of your inventory. Fetch all products on offer, including drafts and items under review. Access details such as SKU, price, discount, tax status, average rating, etc. Control the stock levels for each item with ease.

03. Customers

Set up a WooCommerce to BigQuery data transfer of all your customers’ details. Collect their names, email addresses, companies, shipping, and billing details. Merge that data with the imports from other apps and build an extensive overview of your client base. Use it to create targeted campaigns and upsell to prospective customers.

04. Product reviews

Fetch the complete list of product reviews from WooCommerce to BigQuery. Collect the ratings, product IDs, and the reviewers’ details. Extract the list of disappointing reviews and handle them at scale. Quickly pinpoint the issues when bad reviews start flowing in.

05. Other fields and reports

Extract many other data categories with this WooCommerce to BigQuery export. Pull coupons, tax rates, or shipping zones. Collect product tags and attributes. Fetch the ready reports and access the data on your sales, order totals, or best-selling products. Build extensive reports encompassing your entire business.

How to automatically connect Woocomerce data to BigQuery

  1. Step 1. Select Woocomerce as a source app
    5 seconds
  2. Step 2. Connect your WooCommerce store and select the data entity you want to import
    30 seconds
  3. Step 3. Connect BigQuery and choose what data to import
    2 minutes
  4. Step 4. Set a schedule for the automated data refreshes
    20 seconds
  5. Step 5. Launch the importer and review the imported data
    5 seconds

Why set up a WooCommerce to BigQuery integration with Coupler.io

Ecommerce data is much more easily processed in the tools dedicated to data analysis. For that reason, many WooCommerce store owners choose to replicate their data into BigQuery tables. It enables them to process big chunks of data in seconds and build extensive reports at will.

An important aspect of WooCommerce to BigQuery integration is an automatic data refresh - only then, will you be guaranteed to work with the fresh data. That’s what Coupler.io brings to the table. You can set the schedule for data refreshes and pull the new information, for example, daily, hourly, or even every 15 minutes.

Set it up once and enjoy smooth data flow from your Woocoomerce store.

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You ask, we answer!
Most definitely. With Coupler.io, you can set up an automated backup of virtually any data from your WooCommerce store. If any data loss occurs, you can always import the missing data into your store. What’s more, you can process the backed up data - pull up any records, build dashboards, and more.
You can back up the data monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, and virtually anything in-between. Squad and Business plan users can also choose to refresh the data every 30 and 15 minutes, respectively.
Coupler.io provides the free plan to test how Coupler.io works. You can start with it and then decide on the subscription plan that works best for your project. Consult the Coupler.io pricing for details of each plan.

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