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Why export Google Sheets to BigQuery

Migrate your database from Google Sheets to BigQuery

Avoid slowing down your spreadsheet performance by moving your database from Google Sheets to BigQuery. Establish a secure and reliable connection between the two systems and perform the migration on the go. Enjoy the high speed and powerful processing capabilities of a data warehouse with no extra effort from your side.

Collect all business data in one data warehouse

Set up multiple integrations to collect information from different apps like Airtable, HubSpot, etc. in a single place. Combine this data with spreadsheet entries that were input manually or pulled automatically from other systems to Google Sheets. Once everything is ready, access all your company information from a single BigQuery interface.

Create a backup version of spreadsheet data in BigQuery

Back up your spreadsheet data in BigQuery on a regular basis. Rely on the data warehouse to store the history of changes to be able to recover certain data arrays and run a comparison analysis for several different dates. Retrieve backups to your spreadsheet and run in-depth examinations to recover the missing bits or restore a certain version from scratch.

What data to import from Google Sheets to BigQuery

01. The entire sheet or a selected range of data

Just set up a schedule to export all or a certain data range from a sheet in your Google Sheets document into BigQuery.

02. Combine several sheets into one BigQuery table

In addition, you may also consolidate information from multiple sheets of a spreadsheet by letting join them into one BigQuery table.

How to load data from Google Sheets to BigQuery

  1. Step 1. Select Google Sheets as a data source and connect its account
    45 seconds
  2. Step 2. Provide a link to your data source sheet
    1 minute
  3. Step 3. Select BigQuery as a data destination
    1 minute
  4. Step 4. Specify the dataset and table names in BigQuery where to import data to
    15 seconds
  5. Step 5. Set a schedule for data refreshing
    20 seconds
  6. Step 6. Save and run the importer
    5 seconds

Why use to transfer Google Sheets data to BigQuery

The core task of is to connect Google Sheets to BigQuery and automate the process of moving data from one place to another, allowing any person from your organization to easily configure and maintain multiple integrations. allows you to import data from Google Sheets to BigQuery without writing a single line of code.

Whether you use your Google Sheets document to manage sales, operations, financial, marketing, or other information — you can always move data from Google Sheets to BigQuery.

In addition, when sending a data request to your spreadsheet from a BigQuery table using the native BigQuery Google Sheets connector, the latter “looks up” into the original Google Sheets document and triggers all calculations there to update values before applying the query., in its turn, pulls static data to BigQuery and keeps it up-to-date with the help of an automatic data refresh. Thus, it takes less time to query your spreadsheet information from a BigQuery table where feeds in data because, in this case, the request itself happens on the BigQuery side.

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