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Automate BigQuery to BigQuery Data Transfer

Set up a data stream from one BigQuery table to another and schedule it at a desired frequency without Dataflow script or any other coding.

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Why export queries from BigQuery to BigQuery?

Extract the required data

Extract the fields you need from a massive BigQuery table that contains hundreds of nested columns. Create a separate table, which will only contain the relevant columns, and connect it to your source table. Automate the data stream of the specific query results to the destination table every hour, or at a more or less frequent schedule.

Prepare a data set for a dashboard

Separate the data that you’ll use for building an analytical dashboard. Create a new table and integrate it with a bigger data repository stored in BigQuery. Stream the relevant data to this separate table, which will be used as a data source for your dashboard created in Google Data Studio, Tableau, or another data visualization tool.

Share a specific dataset with third-parties

Use the BigQuery to BigQuery integration to share specific pieces of data or data ranges with third-party users. Extract the information to be shared into a separate table and automate data transfer to it on a scheduled basis. Share the destination table with stakeholders by providing them with view access.

What BigQuery to BigQuery export you can perform

01. Between tables

Stream data from a bigger table into a smaller one within the same dataset to separate the relevant information for reporting, analytics or sharing. Connect both tables using the BigQuery to BigQuery integration and automate dataflow on a schedule.

02. Between datasets

Transfer data from one BigQuery dataset to another to maintain the consistency of the information stored in specific repositories. Single out the columns that have to be added to a table stored in another dataset and schedule their export at a custom frequency.

03. Between projects

Connect BigQuery tables from different projects to automate data flow between them. Extract the data that you want to share with your external BigQuery project or even third-party projects maintaining the security of your data. Configure the load of the custom query to the destination BigQuery project on the desired schedule.

How to automate BigQuery to BigQuery transfer

  1. Step 1. Select BigQuery as a source application and connect the source BigQuery project
    2 minutes
  2. Step 2. Enter or copy and paste an SQL query for export
    30 seconds
  3. Step 3. Select BigQuery as a destination application and connect the destination BigQuery project
    2 minutes
  4. Step 4. Specify a dataset and table to load the transferred query results
    15 seconds
  5. Step 5. Configure the frequency to automate BigQuery to BigQuery transfer
    15 seconds

Why use to connect BigQuery to BigQuery? allows you to create a BigQuery to BigQuery data pipeline and schedule data transfer with just a few clicks. You won’t have to write a Dataflow script, then test it, and if it works, execute it as a job in Dataflow Service. Setting up a connection in is a matter of 5 minutes with an intuitive user interface. You can transfer BigQuery data to another table within a dataset, or to a table from another dataset, or to a table from another BigQuery project. The pipeline will work according to the configured schedule and release you from any manual routine. Load the data from your master BigQuery repository to a separate table where you can blend data with records exported from other sources. Optimize your data manipulation practice by adding records from multiple sources into branch tables. This will help you keep data clean in the master repository and avoid mixing it with the records from external data sources.

Using BigQuery views always affects performance of selecting the results. At the same time, having a copy of your data that is updated at the desired frequency allows you to load the resulting dashboard for end users within seconds.

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