Easily get Facebook Ads data for your reporting

Automatically export data from Facebook Ads to Google Sheets, Excel, BigQuery, or Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio) using Coupler.io. Combine it with data from other apps, transform before transferring to the destination app, enable auto-refresh, and use data in your BI tools.

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How to create Facebook Ads integration with Coupler.io

  1. Select your data source and destination image
    Connect Facebook Ads and configure the parameters

  2. Preview, transform & filter data image
    Preview, transform & filter data

  3. Setup parameters image
    Set up destination and configure the parameters

  4. Set a schedule for data refreshes image
    Set up destination and configure the parameters

Destinations to connect Facebook Ads to

Facebook Ads to Google Sheets

Pull data from your apps to Google Sheets and benefit from their flexibility. Create numerous auto-updating dashboards and reports, and easily share them with your team.

Facebook Ads to Looker Studio

Gather data from various apps and pull it to Looker Studio. Create insightful reports and share them with your stakeholders to make data-driven decisions.

Facebook Ads to Google BigQuery

Import data from multiple apps to a BigQuery warehouse and store everything in one place. Perform advanced analysis using SQL queries to extract valuable insights.

Facebook Ads to Microsoft Excel

Fetch data to Excel to analyze metrics and perform advanced calculations. Use Coupler.io & Excel integration to deliver best-in-class data analysis and visualizations.

Put your reporting on autopilot:

Gather, consolidate, and automate your data with ease

  • Over 200 integrations that allow you to collect and analyze data in one place.

  • Fetch data from different apps and combine them into meaningful datasets.

  • Enable scheduled data refreshing at your preferred frequency with the intervals as short as every 15 minutes.

Data integration tool

Transform data to keep it organized and clean

  • Preview and transform your data directly within Coupler.io before transferring it to the destination app. 

  • Make real-time adjustments to your data with ease - filter, sort, and group the results in just a few clicks. 

  • Calculate new metrics by adding a new column and defining the formula for the calculations.

Collected data

Understand data by making insightful dashboards

  • Connect your sources in minutes and automate data refreshes to create self-updating dashboards.

  • Effortlessly visualize data with our Looker Studio integration, or connect exported data to other BI tools of your choice.

  • Use ready-made templates to create insightful dashboards instantly.

Build your dashboard

See why customers love us

Coupler.io automatically imports the full dataset you need and it refreshes it completely on any schedule you want. No triggers necessary. And the best of all, the team is very supportive.

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Alfredo H.
Financial Analyst

The integrations are easy to set up and automate, my colleagues think I'm a genius, but it's really Coupler.io that is doing the heavy lifting.

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David V.
Program Director
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