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Being the advocates for making businesses data-driven, the team is going to WebSummit 2023 to share our values and find partners. You can meet us at booth E276 in Pavilion 2 (0202-30). Let’s discuss the power of data and how we help businesses make their decision-making more efficient.

Check icon Lisbon, Portugal
Check icon Nov 13, 2023 - Nov 16, 2023
Check icon All day

Who we are is an all-in-one data analytics and automation platform to turn complex data into meaningful reports for efficient decision-making. We are here to make the world a data-driven place!

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Let’s meet in person

Partner's Booth: E276 (0202-30 Pavillion 2)

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Sergiy Korolov
Sergiy Korolov

Managing director

Julia Ryzhkova
Julia Ryzhkova

Product lead

Ivan Burban
Ivan Burban

Head of product marketing

Oleksandr Khrystiuk
Oleksandr Khrystiuk

Sales representative


Let’s meet and discuss reports and insights.


In, we implemented our data analytics and automation expertise. Now, the product helps 900K+ versatile businesses cope with their decision-making challenges. Let's discuss how you can benefit from to:

  • Make fact-based business decisions
  • Manage budgets and build accurate financial forecasts
  • Reduce time spent on reporting
  • Improve sales pipeline and drive more sales
  • Make other processes data-driven
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It’s a challenge to make the world more data-oriented, so we’re looking for partners who can support us with this. We believe that our partnership will give a mutual growth boost to not only attract new clients but also increase brand awareness. It would be great to discuss a potential partnership with:

  • Data analytics or marketing analytics experts
  • Marketing agencies
  • Professionals who create insightful dashboards for marketing, product, and other departments
  • Business development consultancy experts or agencies
  • Other marketing and business-oriented professionals
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Marketing collaborators is gradually approaching the point of 1 million users around the world. Most of them are marketers, product managers, business owners, as well as experts in finance, HR, and sales. At the same time, many other professionals are also interested in making their decisions data-driven.

If your product or service targets the same audience, let's collaborate and bring more value to our customers together.

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Investors and other is a part of Railsware Product Studio. We are a bootstrapped startup and have already passed one million ARR stage. Our goal is to achieve 5 million ARR in the next three years, so we are open to collaboration.

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