Google Ads dashboard
for reporting and analytics

A ready-to-use Google Ads dashboard template in Looker Studio with a prebuilt data connector by Follow the enclosed instructions to connect to Google Ads and populate the dashboard with your data in a few minutes.

Data sources used

Quick overview of Google Ads dashboard

Track the progress of your KPIs for a specified reporting period and derive insights into how you can optimize decision-making.

Keep an eye on KPIs image

Your ad spending must stay within the budget, so keep your finger on the pulse with the help of the essential ad cost metrics.

Monitor spendings image

Maximize your campaign impact and effectiveness to make sure each dollar counts and your conversions are going up.

Understand performance image

Analyze performance by campaign to understand which are the most profitable and allocate your ad budget wisely.

Drill down into every campaign image
Keep an eye on KPIs image
Monitor spendings image
Understand performance image
Drill down into every campaign image

Acquire peace of mind with the interactive Google Ads dashboard

Ready-to-use analytical tool icon

Ready-to-use analytical tool

Start tracking key metrics without any complex setups. Connect the dashboard to your Google Ads account with just a few clicks following instructions inside.

Automated data refreshment icon

Automated data refreshment

With under the hood, get the charts populated with the latest data from your Google Ads account. Set up the desired refresh frequency, up to every 15 minutes.

White-label template icon

White-label template

Customize the template to fit your needs by adjusting metrics, visuals, etc. Easily share Google Ads campaign insights with stakeholders at the click of a button.

No need to build a Google Ads dashboard from scratch.
Use our fully automated template!

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PPC multi-channel dashboard image
PPC multi-channel dashboard

Get a comprehensive marketing reporting tool designed in Looker Studio for agencies and digital marketers to track the performance their campaigns launched at multiple advertising platforms, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and others.

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Web Analytics dashboard image
Web Analytics dashboard

Use the insights based on the data from GA4 to monitor your website traffic and discover which pages resonate most with your audience.

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CRM dashboard for HubSpot image
CRM dashboard for HubSpot

Get a complete understanding of your HubSpot sales and dive deeper into open and closed deals. Track the team performance, see how sales shape up over time, and analyze what drives your results.

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Revenue dashboard for QuickBooks image
Revenue dashboard for QuickBooks

Get an overview of your revenue based on the data from QuickBooks and unlock in-depth insights to drive informed business decisions.

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Shopify dashboard

Access the performance of your Shopify ecommerce store and uncover critical insights into how to manage your orders effectively and increase revenue.

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Google Ads dashboard image
Google Ads dashboard

Get a detailed overview of the performance of your Google ads advertising campaigns to achieve your marketing goals better.

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Facebook Ads dashboard image
Facebook Ads dashboard

Effectively manage and optimize your Facebook advertising campaigns, reaching your target audience in a data-driven way.

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LinkedIn Ads dashboard image
LinkedIn Ads dashboard

Get a data-based perspective to make decisions for optimizing your LinkedIn Ads advertising campaigns and improving their performance.

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Sales KPI dashboard for HubSpot image
Sales KPI dashboard for HubSpot

Get an overview of the HubSpot sales metrics and KPIs to see how many deals are won or lost, how much revenue you generate, and derive other insights into pipeline health.

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Sales KPI dashboard for Pipedrive image
Sales KPI dashboard for Pipedrive

Analyze the critical sales metrics and key performance indicators from Pipedrive, including deal details, revenue, and pipeline health, to make strategic decisions.

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YouTube dashboard image
YouTube dashboard

Get insights into how viewers discover and interact with your videos, track content performance, key metrics, and define your YouTube strategy.

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CRM dashboard for Pipedrive image
CRM dashboard for Pipedrive

Analyze the key metrics of your sales department, drill down into particular deals, find the top performers, and stay on top of your Pipedrive sales.

pipedrive.svg icon arrow icon looker.svg icon
CRM dashboard for Salesforce image
CRM dashboard for Salesforce

Monitor your Salesforce sales efforts with an overview of your opportunities, accounts, and campaigns. Track the key metrics, check how the team performs, and understand what drives your revenues.

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Salesforce dashboard image
Salesforce dashboard

Get a comprehensive overview of your revenue, monitor the status of your deals, and derive other insights with the help of a Salesforce sales dashboard.

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Calendly event dashboard image
Calendly event dashboard

Analyze events booked in Calendly to identify the most popular time slots and optimize your scheduling process. Align your calendar with demand to increase the performance of your team and processes.

calendly.svg icon arrow icon looker.svg icon

The requested dashboard is not in our gallery. Contact us for a customized solution.

Metrics you can track with the
Google Ads dashboard

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Total impressions

An impression is every display of your ad to users on the Google search engine or YouTube. Track the total number of impressions to understand the reach and visibility of your search ads. Compare impressions with other key metrics to assess how engaging your ads are to your target audience.

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Cost per thousand impressions (CPM)

CPM indicates the average cost for every 1,000 impressions of your Google ads served. Assess the efficiency of your advertising campaign and make informed decisions about allocating your budget to the campaigns to improve your return on advertising spend (ROAS).

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Total interactions

An action or interaction in Google Ads is the main user action associated with an ad format, such as clicks, video views, and other engagements. Track the total number of interactions to understand the level of engagement of your ads.

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Cost per action (CPA)

Cost per action or CPA indicates the average cost for each action completed by a user, be it a sign-up, video view, item purchase, etc. Tracking CPA allows you to evaluate the efficiency of ad campaigns for desired user actions.

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Total clicks

A click is the most widespread user action in Google Ads that can cover clicks on headline links, call-to-action buttons, ad extensions, or any other clickable elements. Track total clicks and derive the click-to-conversion rate to understand the efficiency of your ads.

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Cost per click (CPC)

Cost per click or CPC indicates the average cost for each click on your ads. This metric calculates the money you spend to get users to your website or landing page. Monitor the cost-per-click rate to evaluate and optimize your bidding strategies.

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Click-through rate (CTR)

Click-through rate or CTR is the ratio between clicks and impressions of your ads. This metric shows how attractive and relevant your ad is to a user's search query. Track CTR to identify ads with lower engagement rates and tune them to enhance relevance to the user’s search intent.

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Total conversions

A conversion is a completed action that is essential to your business. Conversions could be represented with sign-ups, purchases in the ecommerce store, form submissions, etc. Track conversions to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of your ad campaigns and refine your targeting strategies.

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Conversion rate

Conversion rate is a percentage of the average number of conversions per interaction. It provides insights into the conversion value of your ad campaigns and measures their return on investment (ROI). Make data-driven decisions about budget allocation, optimization of ads, and the efficiency of your landing pages and conversion processes.

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Total amount spent

Total amount spent displays all the expenses on your advertising campaigns during a specific period. This metric allows you to monitor your advertising budget and avoid overspending. Amount ad spend is also essential to evaluate the overall ROI of your ad campaigns, as well as optimize ROAS.

Frequently asked questions

Definitely yes! We designed our Google Ads dashboard template to provide a secure and GDPR-compliant environment for handling sensitive data., the connector that loads data from Google Ads to the dashboard, follows the best practices for data security and compliance. Additionally, Looker Studio and Google Ads have their own security measures and compliance features.

At the same time, the exact compliance status may depend on the report configuration after the setup. So, users must make sure to configure their dashboards and data sources in a way that complies with GDPR or any other relevant data protection regulations.

The Google Ads dashboard template has a built-in connector by that allows you to refresh data as frequently as every 15 minutes. However, you can customize the frequency and other schedule configurations to meet your specific reporting needs.

The main idea of a Google Ads dashboard is to be a convenient and reliable analytics tool for data-driven decision-making. This means that behind every decision you make, there would be an insight derived by analyzing data on the dashboard. With it, you can monitor how your advertising campaigns perform and understand what you can do to improve their performance.

The dashboard covers all the key metrics, such as CTR, CPC, conversion rate, and others, which also makes it a valuable tool for client communication and collaboration. In addition, the Google Ads data is represented visually through scorecards, charts, and tables. This makes it easier for your team to analyze complex data. The visual format is also more efficient for communicating insights to your clients and stakeholders.

With our white-label template, your agency can easily create customized reports to meet your client's requirements in brand style, reporting goals, and so on.

There could be many other reasons for your particular agency to have a Google Ads dashboard. You can know this for sure if you answer this simple question: Do you need a powerful tool to track, analyze, and optimize ad campaigns? If you do, then get our dashboard template right away!

Yes, you can customize the metrics displayed on the Google Ads dashboard template. The built-in connector by has a preselected set of metrics and dimensions to load to Looker Studio. You can add or replace metrics, as well as hide the unnecessary ones.

Additionally, Looker Studio provides a high degree of flexibility in terms of customization. You can customize filters and visualizations to display the specific metrics and KPIs. This way, it’s possible to tailor the dashboard to your unique reporting requirements.

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