Automate Google Sheets to Google Sheets integration

Import your data from one Google sheet to another on a set schedule, with no coding required.

Why connect Google Sheets to Google Sheets

Improve the performance of your spreadsheets

Use this integration instead of importance to pull a range of cells from a sheet, avoiding performance issues, and improving connectivity between the documents.

Consolidate your data in a master sheet

Reference a certain data range from another sheet, or a spreadsheet, to create a combined master view of both, consolidating information from multiple worksheets in a single one.

Adjust your insights for dashboards and reports

Get a live feed of raw data in a simple format and easily prepare it for further manipulations, or use it as a source for multiple dashboards and reports.

How to link Google Sheets to Google Sheets

  1. Select Google Sheets as a data source
  2. Connect your Google Sheets account
  3. Provide a link to your data source sheet
  4. Specify a data destination in Google Sheets
  5. Set a schedule for data refreshes
  6. Run the importer and review the progress

What is pulls data from  AirtableXeroPipedriveClockify,  and other apps to Google Sheets. It works on a schedule, is extremely easy to use, and requires no coding. The product gives a live feed of raw data in a simple format, allowing entrepreneurs and small businesses to build live dashboards and reports based on information from their data sources.

Google Sheets
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Set up multiple integrations to count on every day

Looking to import data from  PipedriveClockifyXero,  or any other app? Not a problem. Use to link a data source to Google Sheets to automate workflows and leverage the power of spreadsheets across all your projects!

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